Big Announcement Tomorrow!

It was going to be today, but then several things went very wrong. I don’t want our big news to be tainted by the vexing things that happened earlier, so I’ll save it for the morning.

Any more guesses?!?


  1. Hmm…When you said ‘project’, I thought you meant ‘knitting project’, as in some particular piece that you were working on. Since you’re making an announcement, I presume it’s something bigger.

    Reading a bit more closely, I’d guess you’re starting something related to teaching young girls to knit. The bit about “a girl’s mother was her only tutor” leads me to suspect you’re thinking about pairing young knitters up with mentors. Are you setting up a mother/daughter knitting camp? Or maybe an online-knitting-mentor-student-matchup service?

  2. the anticipation is killing me!

  3. are you knitting for a special someone?

  4. Yeah, I’m with Bill – I thought your previous post was about a personal knitting project, not the sooper seekrit thing you were talking about before on twitter. I have no idea, but I am dying to find out!

  5. Also, I hope whatever went wrong today was just vexing in the short term and not a sign of long term issues. And that they are all fixed now!

  6. Leslie from California

    November 20, 2012 at 12:47 am

    Oh darn, I have a guess… should I spill it or…. Okay, I think you are engaged, okay, I said it…. you are knittng a sweater for the man who takes the fantastic photos….

  7. You’re coming to the Aran Islands?? Please……..

  8. I’m not guessing, not about the project or who’s hands those are, I am here to ask “Is Wovember 2012 really JMF Wovember?” You sure have had your fair share of limelight this month, all well deserved and I hope it brings you many more followers and inspires many, many, MANY more folks to follow their dreams of raising fiber. You show them that it is possible and hopefully provide them that one part courage to change their lives because it is doable…

    • Susan

      November 20, 2012 at 9:26 am

      Fran, you are so sweet. They have been so kind to JMF this Wovember, haven’t they? I am really quite humbled by the whole thing because it’s such a serious project, and I don’t think of myself as being particularly serious. I’m actually a bit intimidated by the scholarly-ness of their approach!

  9. IT IS TOMORROW ALREADY. I have a guess, but I don’t want to say what I think it is.

  10. Umm, Susan……


  11. Morning already!

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