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Whitey Bulger’s Women: Inside the Terror and Glamour of His Ex-Girlfriends from The Daily Beast.

The Long, Fake Life of J.S. Dirr: A Decade-Long Internet Cancer Hoax Unravels from Gawker. Un-be-freakin’-lievable.

Navahoax from LA Weekly. This Münchausen by Internet thing is becoming a regular theme. Here’s the follow up from Esquire.

Couple Living in Home Psychic Said Was Scene of Mass Grave Sues Several from The Texas Monthly Daily Post.

The Lost Boys from Texas Monthly. This article is seriously disturbing. I honestly wish I hadn’t read it and I nearly deleted it. Read at your own risk.

Archaeologists in Bulgaria unearth 700-year-old vampire burial from A Blog About History.

Bizarre mushrooms like alien species from Amazing Data.

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