Probably something you would like…

Such a great reminder! $15

Hero Fingers: Ordinary Fingers Transformed Into Superheroes

Birds made from Legos.

Homemade Furniture Dusting Spray

Recipe: Tandoori Chicken. This is very, very good.

Love this beer poster! $20

This baby outfit made me laugh. $25

Waldorf Wooden Farm Play Set $80

How to clean and re-grease your Kitchen Aid mixer. Step-by-step instructions, y’all!

What is making you use exclamation points this week? Share with us!!!


  1. Hmm, that beer poster may be a good start towards Father’s Day shopping…

  2. Great ideas and stuff!! Your entire post makes me use exclamation marks. I am ordering that Miniature Wood Farm set, I am sure the kids will name it Juniper Moon Farm!

  3. What CAN’T you build with legos???

  4. Ordered. Paul is always whining that we need more art on our walls. :)

  5. You’d probably get a kick out of the Agreeable Sheep:

    Bonus: It’s free! And you make it yourself!

  6. Where is the link for the first poster? It’s lovely and would be great in my guest room?

  7. I bought that first poster – it’s a fabulous philosophy that I need to remember each and every day!

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