My lovely friends, the time has come once again for you to watch all the videos  and vote in our 2012 Flock Giveaway! This is a very exciting time for us, but it’s also a big responsibility. When an animal comes to my farm, and especially when an animal is born on my farm, I consider them mine for life.

I owe these animals a lovely and peaceful life. Actually, I owe them much more than that, but a stress-free natural life is what I can give them.

I have screened all of this year’s applicants and they are terrific. I need your help to narrow the field. Please, please, please watch all the videos before voting! There are only four and they aren’t very long. I know you can vote without watching them, but I’m asking you not to.

***Please feel free to vote for your candidate, even to sing their praises in the comments, but tearing down other candidates will not be tolerated. This isn’t that kind of website, y’all; play nice.***

You can vote anytime between now and midnight EST, May, 5 2012. You may vote only once per day. Any participant engaging in unfair voting practices (voting by computer and the like) will be disqualified at my discretion.

Yup, I can tell when you cheat for your favorite. It’s not cool. I causes me to have to look through the votes and delete the egregious multiple votes. That makes me cranky, which makes me less…shall we say…disposed towards your candidate. Cut it out!


Audrey Morris

Sebette Hamill 

Anne Smith 

The Labens

Thank you for helping us make someone’s sheepy dreams come true.

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