I was a Warehouse Wage Slave from Mother Jones. Wow. This is eye-opening.

Study Shows What Men really Think of Women in Red Dresses from the Huffington Post. I guess this is interesting except that I’m not sure why we care what men think of our dress colors.

How Climate Change Causes Earthquakes and Erupting Volcanos from Mother Jones. Scared the socks off me.

The Death Star is a Surprisingly Cost-Effective Weapons System from Mother Jones. Made me laugh.

One-Armed Gunslingers and Germans in Teepees: A Brief Guide to the Euro-Western from The Millions. I loved this because I knew absolutely nothing about it before reading it.

Who Invented the High Five? from ESPN The Magazine. Probably my favorite this week.

Why Breasts are the Key to the Future of Regenerative Medicine from Wired.
What’s the latest thing you read that surprised/engaged/educated you?