The Plagiarist Tale from The New Yorker. This article is fascinating and cringe-inducing all at once. Definitely worth a read.

Igloo Effect from The Huffington Post. Caroline and I were enthralled by the original story about Peter Skyllberg, a Swedish man trapped in his snow covered car for two months! This happened in Umea, one of Sweden’s largest cities, not in a rural area. This article explains how he managed to survive.

Feet in Smoke: A Story of Electrified Near Death from Deadspin.┬áJohn Jeremiah Sullivan’s beautifully written account on the time his brother almost died from accidental electrocution.

The Mystery of the Millionaire Metaphysician from Slate. A little slow in places but worth sticking with. Who is behind the foundation will to pay top philosophers five figures to review his paper? And why?

Shark in the Kiddie Pool from Vanity Fair. Meet Nick Roses, Hollywood’s youngest- and most despised- agent.

The Mercenary Techie Who Trouble Shoots for Drug Dealers and Jealous Lovers from Gawker. Great piece that reminded me of the kind of investigative stories Wired used to do.

Who Pinched my Ride? from Outside. When Patrick Symmes bike was stolen he launched an investigation into the ┬ábike world’s seamy underbelly.

If you’re looking for a good book, I can’t recommend 1493: Uncovering the World Columbus Created highly enough. I have learned so many interesting things from this book! For the couple of weeks I was reading it, I opened every conversation I had with, “Did you know…?”

For example, did you know that just before the potato blight killed all of the potatoes in Ireland, more than 40% of the Irish were eating a diet that consisted entirely of potatoes and milk?

Did you know that earthworms aren’t indigenous to the Americas and that they were probably brought over in the ballast water of ships coming from England to stock up on Virginia tobacco?

Or that Henry Ford built a replica middle-class Michigan town, dubbed Fordlandia, in the Amazon during the rubber rush of the 1930s?

What has all of this got to do with Columbus discovering the Americas? You’ll have to read 1493 but I promise you, this book does not disappoint.

What are you reading these days?