Four new species of chameleon were recently found on Madagascar, including this tiny one.

The secret language of stamps. (via Not Martha)

Recipe: Homemade Swiss Miss Style Hot Chocolate.

I love this t-shirt! It’s for toddlers but if it came in my size I would snap it up. $24

How cute is this dollhouse? It comes fully furnished for $85. Bonus, “For added fun, there are 50 hidden animals to find in the house and accessories!”

Love this print! $30

Looking for a place to buy a Venus Fly Trap? Here you go. $19

The best time to buy anything. I am bookmarking the hell out of this chart.

This parrot really loves chocolate.

Did you know you can make your own sock forms out of wire coat hangers?

20 projects for repurposing old sweaters. Great for those sweaters you can’t bear to let go of even though they are out of date/moth-eaten/too big or small.

I am completely charmed by this chicken block print. Only $15!

What are you smitten by this week?