If you haven’t read Bossypants yet, you should. Now. Maggie from Mighty Girl posted some of the best parts here.

Tutorial: Make a chalkboard mug. I am absolutely doing this.

Tutorial: Leggings for little ones, although I think you could easily size them up.

Recipe: Herb marinate olives. So easy and so impressive.

Did you know that spritzing your windshield with vinegar before a freeze will prevent it from icing? 5 Uses for Vinegar

I love this smart cheese board. $44

Roald Dahl’s hand-written list of made up words┬ámade me crazy happy.

Love this.

Tutorial: Homemade Vapor Rub

Easter eggs dyed with natural dyes.

Lots of cool egg dyeing techniques

My favorite source for wooden eggs. Give kids a bowl of these and some paint and you’ve got yourself a quiet afternoon.

A really interesting article about natural dyes.

Isn’t this a gorgeous serigraph? $28.

I also love this watercolor print. It’s exactly perfect and only $30.

One of my favorite classic Muppet clips!