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If you haven’t read Bossypants yet, you should. Now. Maggie from Mighty Girl posted some of the best parts here.

Tutorial: Make a chalkboard mug. I am absolutely doing this.

Tutorial: Leggings for little ones, although I think you could easily size them up.

Recipe: Herb marinate olives. So easy and so impressive.

Did you know that spritzing your windshield with vinegar before a freeze will prevent it from icing? 5 Uses for Vinegar

I love this smart cheese board. $44

Roald Dahl’s hand-written list of made up words┬ámade me crazy happy.

Love this.

Tutorial: Homemade Vapor Rub

Easter eggs dyed with natural dyes.

Lots of cool egg dyeing techniques

My favorite source for wooden eggs. Give kids a bowl of these and some paint and you’ve got yourself a quiet afternoon.

A really interesting article about natural dyes.

Isn’t this a gorgeous serigraph? $28.

I also love this watercolor print. It’s exactly perfect and only $30.

One of my favorite classic Muppet clips!


  1. Love the sheep, one my very favorite creatures. thank you

  2. I’m dying my most recent JMF share with black beans next weekend. Can’t wait!

  3. Absolutely adore the easter egg ideas and will definitely be implementing some for my favorite decorating holiday!

  4. I love when you post this stuff! keeps me entertained for hours!!

  5. Allie aka femmusic

    February 17, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks for the vinegar post, Susie–the comments alone are worth the read! I knew white vinegar had magical properties, but so many tips and helpful hints.

  6. Thanks for linking to me! Have a great day!

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