Zac and I are disproportionately proud of this little DIY project that we tackled today. And by “we tackled” I mean, I thought of it and Zac did all the work.

I have quiet a few scarves but they were all kind of crammed into a drawer in my closet, which meant I never saw them or thought to wear them. Yesterday inspiration struck! Zac was heading to Lowes for a couple of things and I asked him to add a cheap towel rack to his list. I was thinking we would have to spend a minimum of $20 but Zac found one like this for $5!

It wasn’t the loveliest thing in the planet, for sure, but once Zac installed it on the back of my closet door and I be-scarfed it, it actually looks kind of awesome! (It’s really dead level- it just looks a little crooked cause I had to take the picture from an angle.)

Zac and I were so chuffed with the results that we’ve decided to make $5 Fixes a regular blog feature. Stay tuned.