$5 Fix!

Zac and I are disproportionately proud of this little DIY project that we tackled today. And by “we tackled” I mean, I thought of it and Zac did all the work.

I have quiet a few scarves but they were all kind of crammed into a drawer in my closet, which meant I never saw them or thought to wear them. Yesterday inspiration struck! Zac was heading to Lowes for a couple of things and I asked him to add a cheap towel rack to his list. I was thinking we would have to spend a minimum of $20 but Zac found one like this for $5!

It wasn’t the loveliest thing in the planet, for sure, but once Zac installed it on the back of my closet door and I be-scarfed it, it actually looks kind of awesome! (It’s really dead level- it just looks a little crooked cause I had to take the picture from an angle.)

Zac and I were so chuffed with the results that we’ve decided to make $5 Fixes a regular blog feature. Stay tuned.


  1. Did you go back and buy the star scarve???

  2. That’s fantastic! It looks great, and I’m sure they’ll get more wear now that they’re front and center.

  3. great ideas
    both the ‘scarf rack’ and the $5.00 fixes
    pure genius
    now wear the damn scarves!
    very pretty.

  4. What…no hand knits?? Love the idea. I have a similar problem with my scarves hidden away in the closet…

  5. Are you worried about the knots creating permanent kinks? Well, permanent until washing anyway.

    • Susan

      February 22, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      Not really Brenda. I don’t think it will be any worse than the wrinkles they get from being in a drawer or basket, and those always fall out eventually.

  6. I recently screwed decorative knobs into my wall to hang my handknit scarves.

  7. Lyn (coppertoptoo)

    February 22, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Must. do. this. What an excellent idea! Both the rack and the $5 fixes, I’m definitely looking forward to more of those!
    p.s. I have the same green scarf on the end…You have fantastic taste, my friend 😉

  8. I bought a package of shower rings (also $5, appropriately) hooked one to my closet rack, hung the others, one by one, from it so that I had a chain of 12 rings. Each one has a scarf threaded through it and it looks beautiful!

  9. You need to add the pinterest button to your blog so I could easily ‘pin’ this idea and all the others that I know are going to show up here!

  10. Works for men’s ties too. :)

  11. I love it, but in my home, we call it a “cat toy” :)

  12. Let me know if you need ideas…4 years in my “fixer-upper” (built by squatters, as it turns out) and I’ve got a million.

    Though, to be fair, unless you buy four or they’re free, you’ll still have to break the $20. But that’s change for laundry machines and tips for baristas, right?

  13. Very clever, and a nice work of art! I use the plastic six-pack rings from soda/beer attached to a hanger and hung on the wall.

  14. Love the idea of a $5 fix series! I always have a few little bits and pieces laying around, including an ikea towel bar that would be perfect for this! Thanks!!

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