Let me start by saying that Findley Dappled is a line extension of our wildly popular Findley lace yarn. When KFI approached me about doing a variegated version, I needed a lot of convincing. I’m not much of a variegated yarn gal, but these yarns surprised and awed me- the colorways are subtle, sophisticated and seem to be incapable of pooling.

I also need to tell you that writing about the Findley Dappled designer is hard for me, for reasons both selfish and not. Selfishly, I hate to share the genius in my employ with the world for fear that she will someday leave Juniper Moon Farm. The unselfish part is my reluctance to open the designer- who is so open-hearted and unjaded- up to the criticisms that go along with a sharing your best efforts with the world.

The conflict comes in because I am also dying to shout about this collection and this designer from the rooftops because she is brilliant and creative and going to have a very big career in front of her.

Of course, my excitement wins out and I am over the moon to announce that our Findley Dappled designer is none other than our very own Caroline Fryar!

Caroline’s collection is drop-dead gorgeous and full of the same joie de vivre as she is! But you can see for yourself right now:

Brindled Wrap- knit by the designer, modeled by Charlotte Fryar

Theme and Variation- knit by Krysta Harty, modeled by Emily

Plotted and Pieced- knit by Carol Lindquist, modeled by Emily

Rainy Sunday pajamas- knit by Laila Jonsson, modeled by Emily

The Fryar Girls, each brilliant, creative and well-mannered. James and Kathleen must be the best parent in the world.

Laureate Cardigan- knit by Sue Isenhart, modeled by Elizabeth Fryar

Stippled Ink- knit by Sarah Lebel Van Vugt, modeled by Charlotte Fryar

Finches Wings- knit by Jenn Cox, modeled (somewhat reluctantly) by the designer

Couple Color Henley- knit by Sara Byron, modeled by Charlotte Fryar

All the Stops- knit by Deb Terrio, modeled by Elizabeth Fryar

Needless to say, Caroline’s designs were a HUGE hit at TNNA. I’m telling you, someday all of us will be working for Caroline!

Once again, I have to thank everyone involved in this project- knitters, models, stylists, and of course Joel for his amazing photography! And once again, Lauria has posted all the patterns on Ravelry  for your convenience.

And now I will get out of the way of the mountains of praise you are fixing to heap upon Caroline.