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Those of you that have been to one of our Shearing Day Celebrations have met Emily Chamelin, our shearer and great friend. Emily is one of the people I admire most in the whole world! Here’s why:

When she was just a 15-year-old girl with a small flock of 4-H sheep, she signed up for a sheep shearing workshop. On the day of the workshop, the instructor marched up to Emily and told her that she was to small to ever shear a sheep, that she should go on home. Most 15-year-olds would have burst in to tears and left. I know I would have at 15!

 Not Emily. She refused to give up. She stayed put and learned how to shear sheep right alongside the grown men in her class.

Today, Emily makes her living shearing sheep.

Emily’s customers hire her season after season, because she is careful. She takes her time when shearing to prevent second cuts and to protect the animals.

Emily is the only shearer who I allow to touch the sheep and goats at Juniper Moon Farm.

In addition to being a kick-ass sheep shearer, Emily is a single mom to Lydia, who is as well-mannered as she is hilarious. Lydia and Joel are such great friends that Emily made a special trip to Baltimore for Joel’s first gallery show.

As I said, Emily Chamelin is one of the women I respect and admire most in the world.

And now Emily has given us even more reason to be crazy proud of her! Emily won the U.S. Blade Shearing Competition back in May and is heading to New Zealand for the 2012 Golden Shears Competition to represent the United States. The Golden Shears is the Olympics of Sheep Shearing, y’all!

The trip to New Zealand for the competition is madly expensive. But, since I think it’s really important that Emily have the chance to compete for the USA, Juniper Moon Farm is donating half the cost of her plane ticket, in honor of all the women in the world who have ever been told that they are too small, too weak, too female to do anything.  Emily is exactly the kind of role model young girls need and we are bursting with pride to be her sponsor! As far as we’re concerned, she’s already won.

We wanted to do a bit more to help Emily fund her trip, so Caroline, Zac and I have come up with an awesome way for you to support our shearer and get a special ‘Thank You’ from us.

With our Gocco Silk Screen Printer, we made fine art prints from  the design custom-made just for Juniper Moon Farm by CaryCanary. Each print is inked and pulled by hand by Zac, Caroline and myself and they are all individually numbered. *

We’re calling this print, “Where sheep may safely graze”. Isn’t it lovely? That’s me with my dogs, sheep, bees and chickens.

Each print is 5 1/2 ” x 7 1/2″ and is suitable for framing. It’s just a small thank you for helping to support a very special young woman’s dreams.  You can make a $10 contribution to Emily’s trip here and order your  copy of “Where sheep may safely graze”.

Finally, if you’d like to leave some encouraging words for Emily here, I’ll make sure she gets them.

*About Goccoing: This was insanely fun and the results are absolutely stunning. You will definitely be seeing more screen printed goodies in our shop because we want to print on EVERYTHING now!


  1. Oh my gosh, stunningly beautiful. Both the story and the print, of course. I’ve always wished to know more about Emily, and now I do :) LOVE!

  2. That is SO awesome! Off to the shop! Go, Emily!

  3. What a great thing. I love the print, Emily sounds amazing and this home-grown fundraiser is awesome!

  4. Go Emily! Thanks so much for thinking of this Susie and Gang!

  5. Love, love, love! The print is gorgeous and the post about Emily is really wonderful.

    Just one question. Which model Gocco do you have?

  6. I absolutely adore Lydia…and cannot say enough about how amazing Emily is. And I didn’t even know half the story!

    Good Luck Emily!

  7. I love this piece about your kick-ass shearer and would love to – in some small way – help her to the shearing Olympics.

  8. Glad to support Emily; I learned a TON from her at shearing day this past spring. What an inspiration to those she meets, and a role model for Lydia.

  9. Melissa (She Crochets)

    December 8, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Emily is AWESOME, and personable and fun and her daughter is ADORABLE! I know from single parenting…and so yes, you have my $10 toward helping her go to the shearing Olympics.

  10. Can I make a donation without ordering a print? Not that I don’t love the print, especially since it has your bees in it, but I would prefer to add the shipping charge to the donation. Happy to send a check to you if you would like, so you get the full amount.

  11. Emily’s as sweet and caring as she is good at shearing, and her daughter’s cute as pie! I hope they have a great time representing the USA in NZ.

  12. I saw Emily in action at MSW and ope to meet her at spring shearing. Happy to support her trip to her olympics ~ and I ordered prints for all three of us. I’ll put the girls’ in with their special documents so they can always remember “our” farm even when they don’t live in my house where we will have mine on view!

  13. Christina Del Villar

    December 8, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Lovely story, lovely print, lovely people.

    I would like to think I would have stuck around as well (in fact, I’m pretty sure I would have), but I do so dispise it when a person tells another person they can’t do something. One of my favorite sayings it “F*** the naysayers!”

    I can’t wait to see her in action at the Fall Shearing. And of course wish her the best of luck in New Zealand!

  14. I’ve been a big fan of Emily’s since she started shearing for JMF. I got some great photos of her kicking those old dudes’ shearing butts in Maryland this year. All the while talking casually to the announcer and the crowd, like it was just another simple spring day in the sunshine. She’s amazing.

  15. Emily, you ROCK. Fingers crossed that all will work out!!

  16. One of the reasons I enjoy this blog is that it gives me a chance to contribute to great things.

    Good luck, Emily!

  17. Way to go Emily! Good luck in NZ. Count me as one of the many people cheering you on.

  18. Good on ya Emily!!!

  19. Ordered a print (thank you!) and am happy the cost contributes towards Emily’s NZ trip. I admire her greatly and have huge respect for her skills. She’s an amazing woman and a great role model. I can’t wait for the Shearing Olympics and hopes she whups all her competition.

    Congratulations on your win at MDS&W and I’m wishing you every success in NZ!

  20. Way to go, Emily! Hope we get updates, round by round! Bring home that trophy!

  21. Here’s to Emily! My JMF roving arrived in today’s mail, so I’ve been holding fiber from sheep shorn by Emily the Careful. Every blessing as you head to the competition, and thank you for being so gentle with the creatures.

  22. I am soooo proud of you. Go Emily.

  23. Maureen J (mljan)

    December 8, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Best of luck, Emily, I’ve so enjoyed watching you shear the JMF flock from afar, especially the video of you shearing lovely Ernie. Your expert and gentle handling was so impressive, and the animals seemed to know they were in good hands, too.

    It would be great if there’s a webcam at the event. We’ll all be cheering as loud as we can.

  24. Maureen J (mljan)

    December 8, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Oops, forgot to say donation made.

  25. When in 2012 is the competition. I’d like to make a donation for Emily’s trip. Will there be enough time to make the donation after the holidays? Emily does seem like a great person and also that little girl of her’s is quite a character. She does my angoras and does a fantastic job! Please let me know to whom and when to make a donation. Is there some way to find out what the total cost is going to be and maybe we all can push and find ways to totally support the trip? I think this is a great cause for someone who does quite a bit, very caringly and reasonable, for many a people. Please keep me informed.

  26. Jane from Maryland

    December 8, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Looks likeyou!

  27. Thanks for sharing emily’s story, women supporting women is a force beyond anything, you go Emily and show them what you’ve got!

  28. I met Lydia at Joel’s show. She was pretty darn cool (“and tall, too!” as she pointed out to me). Now I see where lovely Lydia gets it from. She has a pretty darn cool Mom, too. Just gave a donation.
    Have fun and much luck to you in New Zealand, Emily. :)

    Linda P.

  29. Diane Shepherd-In-Waiting

    December 9, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I gotta tell you: holding a little goat to trim hooves is one thing; flipping a 120 pound sheep on its butt (with help) to trim hooves is another thing. Lydia is in a class all her own! Atta Girl!!!!!!!!

  30. What a beautiful and inspiring post … by an inspiring woman herself about another inspiring woman. Good luck at the competition in NZ, Emily. They won’t know what hit ’em.

  31. What I love about Emily is that she sings to the goats. Not only does it calm down the animals but also calms down nervous goatherds!! Love you Emily and can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you are back!!

  32. Go Emily!!!!

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