Today’s gift guide is curated by my friend Megan Reardon, a.k.a. Not Martha. I have to say that even though I consider Megan a friend, I am also a total fan girl. Reading Not Martha is like having a cool, amazingly talented friend who makes you believe you are cool and amazingly talented too!

Having Megan guest post for Juniper Moon is a great big gift for ME. Enjoy!


Hi there! I’m Megan and I have a site called Not Martha where I share tutorials for the stuff I’ve been making as well as links to all the great things I find on the web. My little family keeps Christmas pretty simple but we do have one tradition we’ve managed to keep up for a while, post holiday ham and cheese crepes.

This started in a year when our city, Seattle, got a significant amount of snow and we found ourselves mostly housebound. (As we are both original from a state that gets winter snow we didn’t panic, much.) Luckily we had plenty of leftover ham and a hunk ocheddar cheese as well as a crepe pan so we had crepe breakfasts until
the roads were clear. We perfected homemade crepes that year and ever since it’s been our post-Christmas leftovers meal of choice.

Crush On You body scrub from Product Body. I have tried a whole lot of
scrubs and this is my favorite by a wide margin. It beats all the ones
I’ve tried to DIY.

Christmas flavored chocolate bars from Theo Chocolate. We stock up
when their seasonal flavors come out, I get more excited about these
than the return of Girl Scout Cookies.

Colorful woven gift toppers from Mini-eco. These look easier than
creating a presentable bow, and they are friendly for shipping those
wrapped gifts!

USB Locket from Emily Rothschild. I carry a USB drive with me
everywhere I go anyhow, might as well make it something pretty enough
to display.

Extra KitchenAid mixer bowl. I bought the most basic mixer and found
myself with a handle-less bowl. I would kiss whomever would gift me
this upgrade.

Stump de Noel Bundt cake pan at Williams-Sonoma. It’s got a sense of
humor and it will keep you from having to attempt a rolled cake at the
same time.


Susie here! Today we are giving away a 10.5 ounce jar of Crush on You body scrub in the scent of your choice (I like Sexy Laundry Day!) Just leave a comment on this post telling me which scent you will choose if you win. Comments close at Noon on Friday and the winner will be posted right here.

Good luck, y’all!