I had a great time using playing around with Douwe Osinga’s Visited States and Visited Countries maps.

For the U.S. map, I may have actually visited more than I’m reporting here because I can’t remember for sure if I’ve ever been to a couple of them. Missouri seems really likely, as does Idaho. Still, I feel pretty good about having visited 78% of the U.S.A.

visited 39 states (78%)
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I was sort of appalled, however, by how little of the world I’ve seen. I also thought of my self as pretty well travelled but I’ve visited a mere 6.66% of the world.

visited 15 states (6.66%)
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Joel and I are planning a trip in the Spring to visit my sister in Switzerland but I’m thinking maybe we should go somewhere we’ve both never been before.

How much of the world have you seen? Would you like to travel more?