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I had a great time using playing around with Douwe Osinga’s Visited States and Visited Countries maps.

For the U.S. map, I may have actually visited more than I’m reporting here because I can’t remember for sure if I’ve ever been to a couple of them. Missouri seems really likely, as does Idaho. Still, I feel pretty good about having visited 78% of the U.S.A.

visited 39 states (78%)
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I was sort of appalled, however, by how little of the world I’ve seen. I also thought of my self as pretty well travelled but I’ve visited a mere 6.66% of the world.

visited 15 states (6.66%)
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Joel and I are planning a trip in the Spring to visit my sister in Switzerland but I’m thinking maybe we should go somewhere we’ve both never been before.

How much of the world have you seen? Would you like to travel more?


  1. Christina Del Villar

    November 22, 2011 at 1:30 am

    We love to travel. We’ve been lucky enough to see 75% of our country (turns out we’ve missed the entire center, but we’ll work on rectifying that). Internationally, we’ve gotten around, but apparently have 90% of the world to go. I’d better go start making plans.

  2. Ireland is sorta near Switzerland.

    Once my boys outgrow their food allergies (we think next year), I’m hitting the road with them. We traveled before kids, but not so much after.

  3. Come to Ireland!! Make it red too!!

  4. I worked in Switzerland(Geneva) after college. It is a beautiful country and so close to so many others that with minimum time investment you can fill up more of that map! :)

  5. Apparently I’ve visited 7.11% of the world and 68% of the U.S. I guess I’d love to visit every U.S. state but I’m even more interested in seeing more of the world – especially Australia/New Zealannd, Asia, and northern Africa.

  6. I’ve been to every state in the US except for Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota (!). I lived in Europe as a teenager…but there is SO much more out there to see. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa, my grandmother had a coffee plantation near Tanzinia during the teens…..

  7. this is depressing me–only 5.77% of the world (and ALL in the W Hemisphere) and 20% of the US–i need to travel more, immediately!

  8. I’ve been to 80% of the US, according to my map – missing Alaska, Hawaii, the northwest corner and Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.

    I’ve seen less of the world percentage-wise than you, but have been to China and Japan as well as a couple of European countries. So fewer countries, but a broader spectrum of cultures, I think.

  9. I’ve been to 74% of the US – mostly need to fill in the Pacific northwest and mountain states – and of course the Dakotas (!!). I’ve been to 17% of the world – I would have thought it was more as in my pre-motherhood days I traveled exotically, but small countries in large land masses, I think (like Nepal and Thailand – or very funny – Ecuador and Chile, which barely make a narrow red stripe down South America). Of course I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg in my youth and got credit for the huge land mass of Russia – so it balances out, I guess!! Still many more places I want to see – middle east, northern Europe and more of south america next….

  10. I’ve been to about 25 states, most of them in Europe, then Africa. Switzerland is beautiful! And like someone else said, you can easily visit other countries with how central Switzerland is. I would highly recommend the baths (in German, “bad” or “baden”) in Germany, especially the one in Baden Baden. http://www.carasana.de/home/en/index.html.

  11. This topic has finally given me the courage to post a comment on a blog – your blog – for the first time ever. I feel so exposed! But I HAVE to tell you that if you’re looking for something truly different, you must travel to Asia.

    Japan is a great place to start – I love vacationing there. And for me, personally … I adore Kyoto. It is beautiful, breathtaking country. You can just hop on a bike, and in 15 minutes you’re in rich country, pedaling past ancient shrines wafting in incense. Teas, handmade tofu, noodles … it’s heaven.

    Spring would be cherry blossom season, which would be incredible. Although winter, summer and fall are all equally wonderful in their own ways – I don’t think there’s any place on earth that showcases the seasons as stunningly as does Kyoto.

    I literally go through Japan withdrawal when I’ve been away too long. It’s really a special place … if you have an appetite for something completely new. I look forward to hearing where you end up!

    (And I can’t believe I really posted this – this is major for me.) !!!

  12. I’ve been to most of Eastern Canada (from Ontario, east, except for Newfoundland) as well as Michigan, Ohio and Maine. Not a whole lot. But, I have been to Iceland!
    If you are planning on travelling to Europe, check out Icelandair.com. They have seat sales often, and you can get a stopover in Iceland of a couple days, if it interests you.
    There are LOADS of awesome knitting/yarn related things to do there. Plus, absolutely phenomenal food.
    It’s definitely worth taking a look.

  13. I travel very little; but, my luck changed recently when my childhood bff asked me to use up her skymiles with her and we went to Charleston just a week and a half ago. I highly recommend the city and surrounding area-so clean, quiet, orderly-very easy to walk anywhere, never felt threatened or followed or restricted-very easy vacationing. I saw the ocean for the first time, still have sand in my purse and brought home a tiny bottle of ocean water. Didnt get to eat at Husk but did wait in line for 45 minutes for Jestine’s. Had spectacular shrimp at Rita’s in Folly beach. Brought home Carolina Gold Rice and stone ground grits from a cook’s shop in the Historic District. Im not sold on the grits thing but when in low country…did not see any yarn shops and did not get to poke around the cotton at Boone? Plantation. Will have to save my fiber love for a future JMF trip perhaps???

  14. I’m fortunate to have seen most (96%) of the US — only lacking Hawaii and Alaska, but I’ve seen less than 2% of the rest of the world. Needless to say, I have a very long bucket list!

  15. I am proud to say that I’ve seen 100% of the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, but sadly, I’ve only seen5.33% of the world, and all of that has been in Europe. Partly that’s because I’ve only been off the North American continent in the past two years. My next trip is still Euro-centric, as I’ll visit Great Britain for the first time. But I also have on my short list for the future Gambia (I have friends there), Egypt, Turkey, Argentina and Chile. Those will all require me to save more pennies than I currently have available for travel!

  16. That was an interesting survey. I’ve been to 20% of the world’s countries and 62% of the States. I would really like to see more of the US. Living in Zimbabwe and hearing about all the WallStreet protests makes me realize just how lucky I am to be American. I think not everyone realizes that – I feel like I hit the jackpot at birth.

  17. Okay – We have visited 100% of the US (4 summer long trips in an RV with the two kids and a dog) and all of Canada except for Newfoundland and Labrador (you needed to make reservations in advance for the ferry and we had no way of predicting our schedule). My husband and I have seen 10% of the rest of the world with lots more travel in our future – I think our next trip is either to Antarctica or an African safari.
    Retirement + kids out on their own = fabulous fun!

  18. Thanks to being part of a large family that could afford tent camping only as a vacation & a sense of wanderlust born from those days, I have visited all the US, all of Canada (most memorable trip being on Outward Bound – all women – 2 weeks in the Canadian mountains wilderness), and actually much of Europe thanks to time after college & a wide-open Eurail pass so I could hike the Swiss Alps, have tea in England with a member of Parliament, stay with a Dutch family in Holland, think I was Mary martin in Austria, and so on.

    But I’ve gotte tell you that the very best time I’ve had in a long time was Nov 9th to 13th @ Juniper Moon Fiber Farm with Susie, Caroline, Zac, Jody, Shiela & Marla at Shepherd School. It’s taken me this long to sit back & appreciate the open-hearted welcome we received, the gracious surroundings, the terrific food, the learning, learning & did I say learning on all levels. Some years back I was published in ORION magazine defending Susie (who was then Martha’s Vineyard) against a fellow who thought she was a lucky trust fund gal – that letter to the editor and the Shepherd School have been instrumental in my commitment to my own flock. Feel welcome to email me: diane@lightrod.net if you want some details. And I’ll be back in April for Lambing – Susie says I was more help than I was trouble so I’ll be welcome. With gratitude ~ D

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