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Miniature murders scenes from the 1930s are the subject of this documentary. Fascinating.

Generation X Doesn’t Want to Hear It. Worth a read.

The Annual Tweed Run in NYC seems like jolly good fun. I’d love to go next year.

The Birthday Project is a sweet idea. Rather than receiving gifts, the birthday girl (or boy) performs random acts of kindness equal to the number of years they are old.

Ten ways to improve your Fiber Art Photography now.

Turkey, Cheddar and Apple hand pies

Storage bag and play mat for Legos. Brilliant!

These wooden folk toys are so lovely. Bucolic Cow on Wheels indeed. The whole shop is full of sweet, handmade wooden toys.

These photos from 1940s NYC knock me out. Joel and I are making a special trip to New York to see the complete exhibit at The Jewish Museum.

If you haven’t investigated Wovember yet, you are missing out. The brain child of Katie Davies and Felicity Ford- two women for whom I have a deep and abiding respect- Wovember is about celebrating real wool from real sheep. There is so much depth to this idea and this website. I’m hoping Katie and Felicity make Wovember an annual event.

A great article about Southern artisanal cheeses from Garden and Gun

Maybe the awesomest wedding invitations ever (with an equally awesome price tag. YOWZA!)

I want this little bronze terrarium desperately, but I have a hard, fast rule about not buying anything for myself between Halloween and Christmas. Maybe Santa reads my blog…

And while I’m wishing, I’d like this pitcher too. (Thanks to Jen Horvath for this one!)

Cider-braised pork meatballs

This photo of an entire bridal party sinking into a lake is just one of 25 Pictures Taken at Exactly the Right Time.

What are you loving this week? Hook us up in the comments, please.


  1. The link to the turkey/cheese hand pies is a repeat of the photography link. Could you correct that or add the right one, please? The recipe sounds awesome! Thanks.

  2. So many lovelies! I can’t wait to try making those hand pies.

  3. Enjoyed that Gen-X post. Honestly, if I get patted on the head and told to be a good girl and wait my turn by one more boomer I may just bite ’em!

  4. #24 on that photo list made me cry I was laughing so hard.

  5. Susie – they do a Tweed Run in DC, too! The photos make it look like so much fun.

  6. All 25 of the photos are hysterical – but I ADORE #16. Captures the magical, whacky moments one can share with your cat.

  7. Since I’m on a roll here (sorry!) you and Joel should also check out … an incredible historical collection, used to be mostly DC area but he’s branched out. Wonderful rainy afternoon surfing.

  8. That wedding picture SLAYS me! At my own wedding last summer, we took pictures on a dock, too. The photographer asked all 10 of us to jump at the same time so she could get a picture of us in the air. What we didn’t know was that the whole dock would teeter precariously when we landed. Almost ended up in the water but it was totally worth it. The picture rocks!

  9. OMG. My mother made that exact Lego carrying bag/playmat for me and my brother 30 years ago.

  10. Judy aka lamazeteacher

    November 19, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Well, at least I knew two of the 25 obscure words!

  11. Cheers for mentioning Wovember in PSYWL. I feel very honoured, as my own understanding re: the value/origins/production of REAL WOOL has come about partially through reading your own very fine blog and following what you do over there in the USA on your amazing farm. I am a big fan of the work you do at Juniper Moon Farm and you are a BIG inspiration to both me and Kate. So THANK YOU!


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