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I haven’t done a PSYWL post in ages and ages, so this one is packed with loads of neat0 stuff.

DIY Sun Print fabric via Not Martha

Homemade Celery Salt, also via Not Martha

I am in love with this swing

The Top 100 Craft Tutorials of 2010 should be bookmarked on everyone’s computers.

I am addicted to the food blog Dinner: A Love Story

If you’re going to be in the Charlottesville area on September 16 & 17, may I recommend you take in the Heritage Harvest Festival? I would love to go but I will be visiting some very lovely yarn shops in Maryland.

Sometimes, when I should be working, I spend hours browsing through the amazing fabrics at Spoonflower. Here are some of my recent favs:

Bremen Town Musicians

Bremen Town Musicians

dog show

Dog Show

elephant march

Elephant March

rare species - gray

Rare Species

I am in love with an obscenely expensive camera bag.(This is what they call a “First World Problem”)

This photograph accompanies the loveliest blog post I’ve ever read. (hat tip to Chappysmom for the link)

This photograph of Tilda Swinton at her farm in Scotland totally knocks me out.

The World’s Smallest Postal Service is just delightful!

Fascinating video about the making of Harris Tweed in the Outer Hebrides

Wicked cool no-waste lunch boxes.

Oh my Lord, do I ever want one of these Dutch Hottubs!

What is knocking you out these days? Post your favorite links in the comments!


  1. I heart Spoonflower so much it hurts. I WILL make me some of my very own fabric if it’s the last thing I do.

    And I would totally love to be Tilda Swinton’s friend, but she would scare me just a little. (I’ll never get that White Witch thing out of my head with her.) But I can tell from the photo that we would be great pals.

  2. Tonight (Thurs) until midnight Spoonflower has a free swatch offer….

  3. I had a swing EXACTLY like that when I was small. My dad used to grab the knot at the bottom and swing me around in circles. That picture brings back so many great memories.

  4. Hey, you’re welcome!

  5. I would love some advice on nifty things to see in Charleston-going there for the first time in November. Any tips on great shops or excellent stuff?

  6. Carol (chackler)

    August 19, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Susie… Tilda Swinton rocks! The gals at just love her style. Check it out when you have a moment.

  7. Like the Harris tweed video. I live about 6 miles from one of the weavers depicted in the video (Donald John Mackay) on the Isle of Harris. He weaves incredible tweeds and I am fortunate to own two jackets made in his tweeds. You should all come visit!! Hey, I’m from NY originally.

  8. OK – you sent me to spoonflower, and 4 hours later………….

  9. ah! that monticello heritage festival is the weekend i’m in virginia visiting my boyfriend. so there!

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