Okay, before you watch my 2010 in Review video, a few caveats. First of all it is long. And by long I mean looooong, like, 28 minutes long. I tried to tighten it up where I could but, I swear, a whole lot happened! So watch when you’ve got some time. And some tissues.

Second, this retrospective cannot be considered complete, in spite of it’s epic length. Some how I managed to get zero pictures of some on my very best friends, like Kris and Charlie, Amy, Shirra and Tanis. But if you spent any time at Juniper Moon Farm in 2010 expect to see yourself in what follows!

Speaking of what you should expect, there are some rather graphic shots of sheep and goats giving birth. Circle of Life, etc.

Also, I might have stolen your pictures. So thanks.

I’d like to dedicate this montage to Sweet William, Tiny, Nan, Daisy and Miss Linda. I miss each of you every single day and the universe is just a little dimmer for me since you left.

2010 in Review from Susan Gibbs on Vimeo.

And thanks to all of you, my lovely friends, for giving me this life. Every single day is a perfect miracle, even the days that suck.