How to make Peep Sushi. (via Sandi Oswalt)

Forget what you’ve heard; proper names will not be allowed in Scrabble.

AT&T will offer at-home, mini cell towers to improve your iPhone reception. This would be great except I don’t have good cell service or good internet access!

If you act right this minute you might be able to buy a ticket for my friend Guido’s Maryland Sheep and Wool After Party. This party was the highlight of MDS&W last year and Maggie and I will be there along with a lot of other shareholders.

Hilarious recipe cards.

Shelley Nobles is a regular commenter here on the blog and she has the coolest project! She’s making a short animated film and you can follow her progress at Notes from Halfland. I am completely fascinated by Shelley’s blog and her work.

Headline: Unexplained sheep attacks ’caused by aliens in UFOs’, farmers claim. What. The. Hell. If any of my British readers want to weigh in on this, I’d be much obliged.

London evacuees to a Sussex farm are enchanted by the first lambs of the year on New Year’s Day, 1940. Love this!

Somebody has a birthday coming up and wouldn’t this basket look adorable with a new lamb in it? (Via Ysolda’s twitter stream.)

small stump + studio choo is a always filled with sweet things.

Adorable little sussys at nothingelegant on etsy.

A little article about shepherds featuring yours truly. FYI- the word “shepherdess” makes me want to stick an ice pick in my eye.

Love this pattern. So lovely. So free.

The wineglass sponge. So simple yet brilliant.

If I had cell service at home, or even internet access that let me get cell service, I’d be all over this.

“To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.”—Edward R. Murrow

Love this!

Need this!

From kind over matter.

What’s making you happy this week?