My favorite photo of the week

To help identify the lambs, we put matching ribbons on each set of twins and their mamas. This lamb looks tres francais, oui?


  1. I love the pouty lips!!

  2. And you only posted ONE photo? What’s up with that? More, please!

  3. but WHO is this little guy?

  4. I am so happy to see that Brandon’s eyes look better. I love that he is blowing kisses our way!!

  5. Vive la laine!

  6. Mais oui, je suis Francais! Regarde mon ribbon

  7. Holy cow, this is SO ADORABLE it makes my smile hurt!!! Thanks for thinking of all of us figuring out which lamb is which, and for the hella cute pic!

  8. C’est magnifique, je pense qu’il est tres beau. Good to know that french I took comes in handy these days!

  9. What a flirty little lamb!… He’s blowing a kiss at us! What a great photo.

  10. cute, cute, cute. How’s Tiny?

  11. lamb kisses!

  12. love the bat-ear effect.

  13. What a cutey! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Le petit agneau est tres adorable!

  15. The only French I retained translates to “sit down, if you please” and “close your mouth”….and neither of those apply here, so I’ll just use good old English. Absolutely adorable!

  16. I especially love how (s)he looks like (s)he’s puckering up for a big old kiss.

  17. Oui, il est très beau!

  18. Totally adorable!!! Can we get an update on Mr. Tiny? I’m getting worried that it’s been a whole day since you’ve posted anything about him…

  19. what a darling!

  20. I saw this article today about colored sheep. I thought you might find it interesting! And the little guy, tres beau!

  21. Ah oui, c’est un agneau très français, aucun doute!

  22. This lamb is definitely kissable.

  23. yeah, I think they need name tags :) Very spiffy look with the ribbons, what a great idea. That’s why you’re the shepherdess, and we’re the cheering section. Thank you so much for sharing…everything!

  24. Tres belle! Good luck with Tiny and the rest.

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