2011 CSA Share Giveaway

This is Crush. Crush recently took a bad fall and broke her leg very badly. Surgery was required to set the bones- expensive surgery. Crush’s owner Pam is fantastic pattern designer  (remember Leda?) and she went straight home from the vet hospital and designed a pattern to try to raise the money to cover Crush’s mounting vet bills.

How sweet is this little sweater? It’s called ‘Willie’.

I mean seriously.

The tiny ear just about does me in.

I was so lucky to have so much help with my Sweet Lucy’s staggering vet bills back in January that I want to do something to pay it forward. I am going to giveaway one Half Share in Juniper Moon Farm’s 2011 Yarn (or Fiber) CSA. All you have to do is purchase a copy of Flintknit’s Willie. AFTER you’ve purchased the pattern, come back here and leave a comment wishing Crush a speedy recovery. On Monday, one winner will be chosen at random from all the entries.

Cool, right? You get a great pattern, a child you know gets a great sweater, Crush gets her vet bills paid and you are entered to win a half share in our 2011 Yarn CSA (a $100+ value). It’s a win-win-win-might win situation and you can get in on it for 6 lousy bucks. Don’t knit or think the pattern is too advanced for you? Buy the pattern anyway and consider it a $6 raffle ticket. Or- better yet-  give the pattern away to a friend.

On entry per person, please. Entries will close on Monday, May 3rd. Extra karma points for tweeting, posting on facebook and rav. The winner will be announced here on the blog and will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize. In the event that the prize is unclaimed, another winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!


  1. Anything to help a dog (and dog lover) out! Such a cute pattern. Heal up quickly, Crush!!

  2. Poor Crush!! Wishing you speedy and complete recovery!! The pattern is adorable!

  3. Got the pattern last night. Get well soon, Crush! We are rooting for you.

  4. i’ve got to wait until payday, but you bet i’ll be purchasing this baby!

  5. Every time I see that photo of Crush with her wee broken leg my heart breaks a little. Thank you for helping Pam! I bought a pattern, but no need to put me in the draw.

  6. I was going to purchase the pattern anyway, because I love it so much. And I’ll use it to learn intarsia. So does that make it a win-win-win-win-win-might win situation for me? Get well soon, Crush!!

  7. Here’s hoping a speedy recovery for Crush! Poor puppy!

  8. bought the pattern last night. Hope poor Crush feels better soon!

  9. I already bought the pattern but I think I should avoid the entry, my stash is out of control.
    What you’re doing is amazing and wonderful.

  10. Wishing sweet Crush a speedy recovery!

  11. Sending Crush & Pamela lots of healing fibery love. The pattern is incredibly awesome. I know lots of deserving recipients. Thanks for coordinating this.

    xo, WonderMike

  12. I don’t knit but my cousin does and there is a new baby coming in the family. Hopefully Crush will be running around again soon.

  13. Such a nice contest! Crush is such a sooper trooper, hope Pam gets lots of action on her pattern, cuz it’s a winner! And so are you for doing this!

  14. Dear Crush – you’ll feel much better soon! Puppies heal so quickly that soon you won’t ever remember in the drop of a hat. Poor injured puppy. Take good care of your person!

  15. Oh my – poor Crush. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I love this pattern – I have a Welsh Cardigan Corgi named Jenny – also a “wiener dog” but with VERY large ears!

  16. Oh my goodness. As someone who’s lucky enough to have snuggled Crush on more than one occasion I just had to say thanks for doing such a wonderful thing! I love this community so, so much. (And I hope your Lucy is back at 100%!)

  17. Poor Crush…wishing you a speedy puppy recovery.

    Susan, it’s so great of you to do this…I had alot of help with some vet bills of my own a few years back, and take any opportunity to help another dog lover get them the care they need. Glad to see that the pay it forward mentality is alive and well :)

  18. I feel so bad for poor little crush :( With the pattern I’m planning on making a sweater for the next baby due in lab.

  19. Poor Crush! I just purchased the pattern and know the perfect little girl to make it for.

  20. $6 to help a puppy??? I’m totally in. What a sweetie! Hope she feels much better soon! And now I will need to learn intarsia. For a good cause… 😉

  21. Awwww, poor little pup! Pattern is bought, and I’m also going to retweet this. Get well soon, Crush!

  22. As a fellow dachshund-owned knitter I love this pattern – can’t wait to knit it for my daughter. Speedy recovery Crush!

  23. Here’s to a fast recovery, Crush! I love the pattern and am glad to be able to help this little pup!

  24. Pattern purchased. Get well soon, cutie!

  25. Aww, poor Crush! I have such a soft spot for dachshunds, and she looks so sad. :-(

    And WHAT a cute pattern! I’ve just downloaded it, and can think of at least three little people in my life who NEED it knitted for them….

  26. Mary (Grandmatutu)

    April 27, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Hugs and kisses to poor Crush!! Hope his recovery is quick and perfect!! I just bought the pattern, which is sooooo cute . . . for sure I’ll be knitting it up for my sweet granddaughter, Rowan. xoxo

  27. Thank you for yet again encouraging everyone to pay it forward. Here’s to healthy families, be the of people or others in the animal kingdom.

  28. Awww, you’re so sweet to do this. I’ve been passing this link around to friends since early this morning. I hope she’s raises enough to cover Crush’s bills. Wish I could sign her cast. Sending virtual doggie treats!

  29. Jan (jcoop on ravelry & twitter)

    April 27, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Here’s hoping Crush gets better soon! I had a toy poodle once who had to have one of those casts, and it was amazing how quickly she was up and about running on it. Thanks for alerting us to this opportunity to help a fellow dog lover!

  30. Jennifer Mason

    April 27, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    As a fellow Flintoid, and dog lover, I wish a speedy recovery to the Crushinator!

  31. Oh man, this pattern is so cute, I would have bought and queued it immediately, even without the worthwhile cause the money’s going to, or the contest. I’ve been looking for a nice, gender-neutral and QUICK baby sweater pattern to knit for the many, many (too many) coworker babies coming up this summer and fall and I see more than a few cute Willies in my future.

  32. I grew up with dachshunds and miss my “Spunky” very much; he used to play karate with my brother and watch TV with me, he would sit up and balance treats on his nose and toss them up and catch them. He finally died at the age of 12. So take care Crush we want you around for a very long time too!

  33. Poor Crush! I sure hope it all heals well.
    I have a ton of babies to knit for and love my FLS – it’s a worthy cause!

  34. I’m no stranger to expensive vet bills. Get well soon Crush! (Love the pattern, of course I needed one of those)

  35. Sending Crush lots of love for a speedy recovery. And I say you can never have too many weiner dog patterns! This pattern is sweet!

  36. Who could look at that picture and not buy a pattern? Feel better soon, little puppy!

  37. Done. Poor Crush!! Get well soon!!!!

  38. Thanks for spreading the word!
    Best wishes and hugs to Crush for a speedy recovery.

  39. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Crush. And I love the pattern. It was so perfect as I was looking for cardigan to make for my niece.

  40. I was so sad to hear of Crush’s injury. Such an adorable pattern to help such a good designer and her unbearably cute dog? Easiest pattern buying decision ever.

  41. I keep coming back here to check the comments, but that means I keep getting all weepy every time! This community is freaking amazeball. A million thanks Susie, and a million more to everyone who’s buying the pattern!

  42. Jody Hildebrant

    April 27, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Oh, had to buy one. We have been unemployeed for 16 months and got little blessings here and there. Never knit a sweater but my guy if four. So, a neat cause to try something new. I am still too broke to get a yarn budget, but I took some off from groceries for Crush. And to maybe win would be unbelievably cool. I really do not have a stash so it would be nice to maybe have one! Get better fast Crush! xxoo the hildebrants

  43. Get well soon, Crush! Poor wee puppy. The pattern is adorable.

  44. It’s a great idea to think of it as a raffle ticket. As cute as the pattern is, I’m unlikely to need it. Still, it’s now safely in my Rav pdf library. Get well soon, Crush!

  45. aww… I’ll repost this on my blog to spread the word.

  46. Crush, I hope to hear you’re chasing balls again soon! I’ve blogged and tweeted, and hopefully with the word being spread Pam will get the help she needs to help Crush!

  47. Speedy Recovery, Crush! WonderMike tweeted about helping Crush out-hope there are many more who will help, too! Off to Tweet!

  48. i think willie is going to be adorable on my niece. here’s to helping little crush get better soon.

  49. Karin (knitlessinseattle)

    April 27, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Feel better soon Crush. Lucy can give you some good tips on how to make the time go by faster. Before you know it you’ll be running around again. (Beautiful pattern too by the way. I know just who to make it for.)

  50. A big kiss on the cold wet nose to you, Crush.

  51. Hope the puppy gets well quick and thank you for such a cute pattern.

  52. LOVE the pattern, and happy to help out however I can. Hurry up and get better, Crush!!!

  53. Poor doggy! Get better quickly!

    I saw this pattern on Rav and it made me think of one of my son’s favourite books by the writer of the Curious George books – Pretzel. Cute!

    – MishaMonet on Rav

  54. I know who I’m making this sweater for! 😉 I LOVE this pattern! Poor little Crush, though!!! I know how expensive vet bills can be, and for such a cute little pupster! I hope he feels better soon, and that his mama can raise enough money to help out!

  55. Get well soon Crush! I love the sweater and know the perfect little girl to make it for. She loves dogs and this will send her over the moon.
    All the best for Crush’s speedy recovery!

  56. Got the pattern this afternoon. I hope Crush gets better quick. OXOX Crush!!

  57. Judy (lamazeteacher)

    April 27, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    It’s my pleasure to contribute. I know how upsetting it is when your dog is hurt and you want to do all you can to treat him/her. I hope that the puppy’s leg will grow straight and strong.

  58. Bought the adorable pattern the second I read Crush’s story this morning. Get well little one!

  59. Patti "oldgoatwoman"

    April 27, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Just shared this information on my face book page after purchasing the pattern to help Crush. Glad to help, and what a cute pattern. Heal quick!

  60. Aww – poor Crush! Get better soon! Knitting a baby sweater – my favourite activity – quick, cute, cuddly – what more could I want! Oh, maybe a chance to win a Half Share in Juniper Moon Farm’s 2011 Yarn. Thanks for being so generous!

  61. You are so awesome for helping Pam & her dogger! Bought the pattern & can’t wait to knit it for my daughter!

  62. My love of doxies is being played with here. Had to help!

  63. Lots of love and healing wishes to Crush from Polly and Pebbles.

    I can’t wait to make this adorable sweater for my nephew.

    And many thanks for sponsoring this contest.

  64. Poor crush! So nice of you to have this giveaway on his behalf – I’m looking forward to knitting up this adorable pattern for my nieces & nephews. Thank you!

  65. So glad to help. My doxie had back surgery last year, a terrifying experience, puppy and $ wise.

  66. Awe poor crush! feel better soon! ( that raffle ticket was right in my price range! ) I will knit this adorable sweater up for the hope chest for a someday waaaaay down the roda grand child. I hope this all adds up nicely and helps!

  67. Every dollar spent to help Crush is worth it. Best money we can spend. :)

  68. Lisa Stockebrand (aka. lasdcm)

    April 27, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    How cute is that sweater?! DONE!

  69. Poor puppy. But what a cute pattern! Here’s hoping a long dog has a short recovery!

  70. I really hope crush is better quickly. I had a dog do something similar once an it was so pathetic and sad. What a nice giveaway you’re doing. I hope I win!

  71. Poor Crush. Anything to help out a poor doggie parent. Here’s wishing to a speedy recovery (one much faster than it will ever be before I use this pattern).

  72. Got the pattern, can’t wait to make it! Feel better soon, Crush!

  73. That sweet pattern’s already downloaded and will be put to good use…and quickly!

    Mend quickly, little Crush! *snorgle*

  74. Having just gone through this with our own kitty, I am definitely going to help out! Get well soon, Crush!

  75. OMG it’s the cutest sweater ever! I hope Crush heals quickly :)

  76. Absolutely–Crush, sweetie, you get better SOON, you hear me?

  77. Sending Crush best wishes for a speedy recovery and extra woof woof’s from my dachsie Tucker. Love Love Love this pattern – very happy to add it to my collection.

  78. Aaaaah! Not only is that sweater very cute, but she has a dog-warmer pattern specifically for dachshunds! As a fellow weiner-dog owner, I am only too happy to support the recovery effort. Poor little Crush!

  79. I just purchased flintknit willie. I’m expecting a grandson in June and this sweater will be perfect for the little man. Also, It will be my first time trying intarsia so it will be a learning project as well. Can’t wait ’till Mon.

  80. I did not need her pattern but did make a donation. Hope Crush heals quickly and completely.

  81. OMG, that is so darned cute I can hardly stand it! I hope Crush is all better soon. Poor sweetie.

  82. Awwww, poor Crush! I wish a speedy recovery to the little guy!!!

  83. Speedy recovery little weiner dog….. hopefully your pattern will be the inspiration to make me learn to follow a pattern!

  84. Wishing a speedy recovery to an adorable Crush! Can’t wait to knit up the sweater for future grandbabies.

  85. I wish I could afford a pattern – but as I’m scraping by (my husband lost his job this week) I can’t. But I still owanted to extend my good wishes to Crush! My Doberman Dakota and I are sending you snuggly kisses!

  86. Poor little Crush! (Also, I have to say it – I have a crush on Crush.) Bought the pattern and can’t wait to knit it for my niece-to-be. And maybe also my friends’ son. And maybe one just to hang on the wall and admire its cuteness!

  87. Definitely a win-win-win…oh, wishing Crush and his family all the best!

  88. Oh gosh. Poor, poor puppy- but what a CUTE sweater!! So glad I could do something to help.

  89. Awww poor baby. Hope your up and running around soon Crush! Can’t wait to make this sweater in your honor!

  90. Of course I had to have that pattern. My wiener dog Dexter insisted we immediately help a weenie in need and his mom! Sending oodles of healing thoughts from New Hampshire and lots of support for mom, because we always take it the hardest!!

  91. Poor little doggie. Get well soon, Crush!
    Awesome pattern, BTW. Can’t wait to knit it.

  92. How cute is this – I could not resist and purchased the pattern straight away:)

  93. Kathy 60 Sprite Gal Hayworth

    April 27, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Too Cute! I want one in big-people sizes, not just for kids.

  94. Oh this is such a good idea! As the owner of two doxies, this breaks my heart. I hope Crush recovers. The pattern is adorable and I am always on the look out for knit patterns with doxies. Feel better and heal Crush

  95. I bought a pattern last night & can’t wait to knit it. I do hope that Crush gets better soon!!

  96. Lots of healing thoughts, hugs and smooches to Crush! Hoping for a fast recovery.
    Super cute pattern – my new niece who has a dog will look very cute in this sweater.

  97. This is a very sweet idea and I know a little boy who’s going to LOVE his fall sweater!!!

  98. Heal quickly Crush ~ and no more jumping out of shopping carts ~ Adorable pattern!

  99. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, little Crush! (Make sure you have a plastic bag and some duct tape for when it rains! Wet dog cast is much smellier than plain wet dog.)

  100. Eleanor (solnochka)

    April 27, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Done. Get well Crush!!

  101. get well Crush!
    Finn soooo needs a Willie sweater

  102. Hope that Crush heals quickly! Poor baby – but super cute sweater; I can’t wait to get my baby boy into it!

  103. Hoping the adorable Mr. Crush heals up good as new! I’m planning to knit up this cute sweater for our friends first baby born last week.

  104. Just bought the pattern! My nephew will look so very handsome in it. Might have to turn it into an Alaskan Malamute, though, so his dad will approve. :)

  105. Jen aka Jellenp

    April 27, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Feel better soon, Crush! I hope you can feel all the love coming your way.

  106. Took some money from the fund to buy my own CSA to help out. It’s an adorable pattern. Hope Crush heals quickly!

  107. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Crush — and many dog treats in the meantime to keep your spirits up!
    Sending good thoughts your way,

  108. poor sweet crush, speedy recovery from wednesday, our little doxie and me ….and thank you for alerting us!!!

  109. Meredith aka mrslaceknitter

    April 27, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Oh what a terribly cute little pattern! It’s the silver lining in this sad story. Thanks for sharing that, Susie. I might not have found that pattern otherwise, and I have just the perfect kid for it. Maybe I can get it knit before I leave Vancouver next Thursday, and get it to little Hailey while I’m there. Mwah!!

  110. What a sweet way to help out a pup! I have two dogs myself, and I know how tough it can be to take care of them. So, I hope you get better soon, Crush! In the meantime, I’m going to knit my baby-to-be a super cute sweater to wear when we all walk the dogs! :)

  111. Anne "The Black Sheep"

    April 27, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    Walker and I wish Crush a very Speedy recovery!!! What a great idea and a beautiful sweater to boot. Best wishes to all!

  112. I read about poor Crush last night and immediately purchased the pattern. Love the pattern and love all animals, and animal lovers! Happy to help Crush’s momma and help spread the word…

  113. Get well soon, Crush! I just bought your mama’s pattern to help you a bit.

  114. I bought a copy of the pattern in memory of my best friend’s dog, Gretchen, a mini schnauzer, who passed away on Saturday morning (April 24). I hope Crush has a successful recovery so he can get back to running around like a 9-month old dog should be doing (it’s the terrible teen months!).

  115. Get well Crushinator! Good healing vibes coming from me and the five bad weenies who own me! :)

  116. SheWhoDoesTooMuch

    April 28, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Love the pattern! I think it will look cute, cute, cute on my youngest daughter. Sending lots of healing vibes to Crush and hugs to Pam (it’s not easy to know your pooch is suffering!) from all of us here in Alaska, the land of sled dogs and the Iditarod! :) Have passed word about this to some groups and friends on Ravelry. Hope it helps!

  117. My best to sweet little Crush- get well soon little guy! The sweater pattern is adorable and it’s for a great cause. Look forward to getting it.

  118. Sharon Williams

    April 28, 2010 at 4:56 am

    I’m glad we can help out with Crush. Thank you for the darling pattern. When Crush is back up running around a lot of babies will be running around with Crush too. :)

  119. Crush, you’ll be chasing tennis balls in no time! Speedy recovery to you.

  120. Crush, you have many friends thinking about you. And your mom’s pattern is too darn cute. Good luck and take care of yourself by cooperating.

  121. Love it. Bought it. Love Crush. Get well, baby girl!

  122. Kristin McCurry

    April 28, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Happy to have a knitted tribute to such a cute little guy! Of course, you posting the pattern here means that every person in my family with a child has now “requested” one.

  123. Susan in Katonah

    April 28, 2010 at 8:42 am

    So cute, both the sweater and Crush, poor baby. Get well soon!

  124. Wishing Crush a speedy and complete recovery!
    Such a cute sweater pattern!

  125. Susan in Maryland

    April 28, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Hang in there Crush. You’ll be up and at it in no time. Love pattern!

  126. I have to wait til payday, but here’s wishing Crush a speedy recovery.

  127. Feel better, Crush! :)

  128. That is a great sweater and a great cause. Poor little puppy.

  129. Wishing Crush a speedy recovery! I got the pattern, and it is adorable.

  130. That pattern is adorable and I’m hoping I’ll have just the right person to knit it for soon. Crush is adorable and those sad eyes are breaking my heart. My version of Crush (aka Speck) gives me that same look when we can’t go for a walk. Speedy recovery!

  131. Speedy recovery wishes Crush!!! Having had my won fair share of vet bills the past two years, I sympathize. And I know the perfect niece for whom this pattern will be knit.

  132. What a very cute puppy! His bones will heal fast. I will be thinking about Crush as I knit a cute sweater for my granddaughter, Bella. Bella loves dogs. Thank you Susan for being a friend. Joan

  133. As soon as I saw the pattern yesterday morning I had to have it. Not sure when I’ll knit it but at least now I have it and it’s for a good cause!

  134. Well, I miss my dogs. Lost one this past December and one the December before. First time in 15 springs that i haven’t had a dog to walk me!
    Happy to help!

  135. Get well soon, Crush!!! Lovely pattern, great raffle!

  136. I saw Pam’s story yesterday. We have a young puppy and I just hate to think of anything happening to her. I hope Crush heals quickly.

    I have a bunch of little cousins who would look fab in this sweater. :)

  137. Poor puppy – I hope he gets better soon! I have two little boys who would look adorable in this sweater!

  138. Pattern purchased, will facebook when I get home. Poor puppy!

  139. Gladly helped with the cause, I don’t know what I would have done without vet insurance when my dog was hit by a car. Hopefully Crush will make a speedy recovery and all four paws will be hitting the ground soon.

  140. I bought the pattern, I hope Crush heals well!

  141. I cannot imagine the worry having a furry baby hurt. Get well soon Crush! I love the sweater designed by your Mom and bought the pattern to help out. Now, all I need is a little one to knit it for!!

  142. Thanks Susie, for calling this to our attention. What a sweetheart Crush is! That heart cast just makes me all sniffly! I’m just glad I can help just a little bit.

  143. Get better soon Crush!

  144. Erin Whittemore

    April 28, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Great pattern! That picture breaks my heart. Hope Crush is feeling better soon.

  145. My kitty had some serious vet bills last year. The sweater is adorable, purchased today. Speedy healing Crush.

  146. My baby-cousin is going to look adorable in the sweater and I’m so happy to help out with Crush. I know how it feels to have a dog with an expensive vet bill. My huskador (husky/lab) had to have a tooth removed last year… Get well soon Crush!!!

  147. Poor little doggie! Thanks for telling us about Crush and giving us a chance to help. I can’t wait to knit this pattern, I hope I have some appropriate chunky yarn in my stash.

  148. My first puppy as a kid was a doxie named Beowulf. Darker eyes than Crush, but just as cute & cuddly! So sorry for his boo-boo. Get well soon!

  149. I just purchased the pattern as a gift for someone on ravelry. Thank you so much for letting us all know – that photo of Crush is so sad! And thank you very much for the giveaway. I would love to be entered!

  150. Hi! I sent this out to my knitting friends who aren’t on rav. I bought the pattern from Pam and it’s knitting up deliciously!

  151. Purchased a copy under my real name. I hope the noodle is better soon and that there’s a whole whack of support for her owner!

  152. Get Well Soon Crush! I can’t wait to knit this pattern – I have a new cousin on the way who is going to be the recipient.

  153. My childhood dachshund, Pepper, lived to be 21 years old. (I wish Lucy the same luck!) My mom would read Whistle for Willie at least once a week as our bed time story. I just bought the pattern and will knit it for my daughter and niece for the holidays.

  154. Saw Pam’s post last night and was forced to buy the pattern immediately (big deal considering it’s the first pattern I’ve purchased over Ravelry.) Even though Crush looks just as sweet with a cast as running around like a maniac puppy, those sad eyes were too much for me (they even managed to thaw my northern German sweetheart’s typically unsympathetic heart.) Gute Besserung, Crush, from Berlin.

  155. As a wiener dog owner and lover, I love this sweater and am rooting for Crush. Get better!

  156. A very adorably cause! Get well soon Crush. The sweater pattern is awesome and I was going to buy it before I found out about Crush’s accident!

  157. Get well soon Crush!!! Hope lots of interesting smells come your way to keep you distracted while you’re recovering!

    Love the “Willie” name of this cute pattern. Reminds me of the Kid’s book _Whistle for Willie_ by Ezra Jack Keats.

  158. Get well soon, Crush!

  159. Mr. Knuckles and I hope you get well soon!

  160. Just downloaded this adorable sweater! My in laws always had a dacshund. They are way too cute!
    Last year my kitty “George” looked the identical way. He jumped down from the counter, where he knew he shouldn’t be and it was too far a distance to the floor and his leg broke right at the growth plate too! After surgery, ect. the vet now calls hime the “Golden Cat!” It’s amazing just how quickly they learn to hobble around with that cast on! I love when we can refect the love of our pets in outr knitting. My GD will be the lucky recipient of this beautiful sweater! Thank you.

  161. Hope Crush is feeling better soon-my grandpup Purl is a dachsund (sp?) mix and such a part of the family-the pattern is absolutely great-

  162. I just purchased this adorable pattern! It’s so nice of you to offer this giveaway :) I really hope Crush heals quickly!!

  163. Hi Crushie, Hope you are feelin’ tops soon! I bought your Mom’s cute doxie sweater pattern and am going to make it for a friend who has TWO doxies of her own!

  164. Here’s hoping all the best for Crush! :) Such a cute sweater- I bought yarn for one on my lunch today!

  165. poor wee doggie! I downloaded the pattern, and will pass it along to a worthy friend since I don’t knit… Get well soon, Crush! Good dog.

  166. Get well soon, Crush!

  167. Poor little pup. I’m in. A fantastic sweater for my son, a chance to help someone and a chance for goodies.

  168. Just purchased, wishing Crush a quick recovery. Adding ear scritches for good measure. :)

  169. Get well Crush! Thanks Susie for getting the word out about the broken puppy leg.

  170. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Crush!!

  171. Get well soon, Crush!

  172. Thinking good thoughts for Crush, and wondering who I can knit the sweater for! Great contest!

  173. And done, what a great idea. Poor pups, hope you have a fast recovery. Your cuteness shouldn’t be hindered by a bum leg.

  174. A speedy recovery to little Crush. Know the pain of those emergency vet bills.

  175. I hope Crush gets well soon. Not fun at all for a pup to be laid up that long. I just bought the pattern and can’t wait to get started! Ack! It’s too cute!

  176. My boyfriend insisted I buy the pattern when I showed him that poor little dog! He (and I) love dogs more than anything!

  177. Oh Crush in the cast just breaks my heart! I picked up a copy of the pattern a couple days ago and I’m thrilled to hear about your generous give-away. :)

  178. Aww. I just saw this today, and promptly bought it. Who can’t use an adorable puppy sweater?! And having put my own pup in the hospital a couple of times, I know how vet care adds up. Poor Crush! Get well soon, puppy!!

  179. Therese (Knitser)

    April 30, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Feel better soon, Crush!! Glad to have found this pattern–So I am going to use it to pay forward myself…I will knit one of these to donate to the raffle for our annual “Puppy Love Ball”–a fundraiser for the shelter where I volunteer!

  180. Feel better Willie!! I cant wait to knit the sweater for my son!! :)

  181. I’m lql on ravelry. Like thousands of other people, I’ve knit and enjoyed Pam’s Lady February Sweater. Hope Crush recovers well!

  182. Crush – do what your mama tells you to be nice and healed so you can be a sweater model again soon. Scritches and big get well wishes!

  183. Just purchased pattern. It’s adorable and so is Crush! Wishing her a very speedy recovery.

  184. The recipient of this gorgeous cardie is still my bump, but hopefully not for much longer. It made me laugh when I saw it – I’m going to knit it with a stripey background to get more wear out of it. First daughter has shown me plain clothes get on average 2 days less wear per outing than patterned. Is that grim?

  185. This pattern is absolutely adorable and I loved it immediately – I have a soft spot for Daschunds. Once I heard of Cursh’s surgery it just felt so right to help out. Good luck Crush!! And thanks for paying it forward. That is such a nice thing to do – today I will try and think of a way I can help someone too.

  186. Clare Vickers

    May 1, 2010 at 9:00 am

    Hi! How could I resist those sweet puppy eyes? I bought the pattern, and can’t resist entering the contest, too!

    p.s. I love your blog

  187. Ah gotta love Ravelry downloads.
    Speedy recovery Crush!

  188. Adorable pattern and more adorable ween! Poor baby Crush, feel better soon!

  189. Aww poor Crush! I just purchased the pattern, having put my dog through many surgeries I know how pricey they can be. Thanks for the info and the contest!

  190. Wishing Crush well!!! Sweater will be knit for my little grandson Sawyer because his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Stacey have Stuart, the weiner dog that they rescued from the humaine society. Love the pattern!!!

  191. Bought this nice patern :-)
    Poooooor little dog ! I’m french so :
    “Bon rétablissement de France petit chien !”

  192. A special hello to Crush,
    My name is Lizzie Loo and My mom is making me wurstwarmer. (I am a little Black and tan Doxie) THEN we saw that crush had fallen and was hurt! Oh MY!, My Mom purchased Willie RIGHT away to help! We hope you are better VERY soon Crush! Your friends, Lizzie and Jean

  193. The sweater is too cute & Crush’s sad look and cast just do me in!
    I’ve bought my copy (: Get well soon Crush!!!

  194. What a sweet little dog, an adorable sweater, and a very sad story. We’re all sending you well wishes and healing energy!

  195. I forgot to add, I bought the pattern and can’t wait to start it. I’m a new knitter- love your creation and the Ravelry site.

  196. Hi, I’m folklorica on rav. What a sweet and generous thing to do, plus what a cute pattern. Get well soon, Crush.

  197. Crush get well.Our oddie boy is going to have a pin removed on May 20. he had a broke last year so we know how much the vet bill can run..

  198. Can not wait to start this sweater! Crush is so sweet and hopefully feeling much better every day.

  199. I am definitely buying this pattern to support you. My sweet Dachshund Bridget went down a week ago with IVDD. Every Dachshund lovers worst nightmare. I completely relate to your staggering vet bills. I paid $109 for fish oil and glucosamine alone. =(
    Wishing Crush a full and speedy recovery. xo

  200. Just bought the pattern. How wonderfully generous of you to host this giveaway.

    Wishing you the speediest of recoveries Crush!

  201. Dear Crush, Wishing you a VERY speedy recovery, extra treats, multiple ear scratches and belly rubs. I Love, Love, Love the sweater pattern and have a perfect little boy to wear you wrapped around his chubby middle.

  202. ***I posted my comment before buying the pattern. Just in case, I’m reposting it again***
    I am definitely buying this pattern to support you. My sweet Dachshund Bridget went down a week ago with IVDD. Every Dachshund lovers worst nightmare. I completely relate to your staggering vet bills. I paid $109 for fish oil and glucosamine alone. =(
    Wishing Crush a full and speedy recovery. xo

  203. April Arnold

    May 2, 2010 at 9:24 am

    (((Crush)))Just bought the pattern through Ravelry. I love it. I’m so glad it is going to such a sweet cause. I hope you feel better Crush!!XOXO

  204. Hang in there, Crush, and heal well! My niece loves my little weiner guy, so she’s getting a sweater.

  205. Get well soon, Crush!!

  206. Bought the pattern. Get well soon Crush!

  207. Cherie White

    May 2, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Wonderful pattern! I am going to knit one up for my nephew who has two weiner dogs of his own. I hope your puppy is feeling better soon.

  208. Healing thoughts and doggy treats to Crush!

  209. Best wishes to Crush! As a knitter,dog owner and animal lover, I was delighted to buy such a great pattern and also help out with the vet bill. I also enjoyed your website. Looks like a wonderful ethical farm and you a kind and generous person! I hope Crush recovers quickly!

  210. Michele Grim

    May 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Get well soon, Crush! My dog and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  211. Get better Crush!

  212. I love this pattern! I saw it and had to have it, even before I knew who I’d give it too. I went out and bought yarn for it today. It’s 11:15 at night and I still may get started before I go to bed.

    Get well soon, Crush!

  213. Aww, poor puppy! I hope he feels better soon! We love doxies so helping was a no brainer…and chance to win yarn? a big plus (I hope it isn’t too late to enter the contest)

    I just got the pattern and I hope to be able to start making it soon…after all, I have two sweaters to make! (for our twin girls, less than 1 month old now…they’re the reason I didn’t get a chance to purchase the pattern last night when a friend sent the link)

  214. Feel better soon, Crush! Hope your sproinging about in no time!

  215. Nothing like squeaking in at the last minute. Adorable pattern. Sending healing vibes to Crush! Get well soon, buddy.

  216. Hope Crush is doing better.. What a great way to raise money to pay the bill, get lots of healing thoughts for Crush, and make everyone feel good!

  217. Such a sweet dog and very cute pattern! Get well Crush!

  218. Although I think of myself as a cat person, I couldn’t stand that photo of little Crush with the cast. Reminds me of my favorite get-well card, a photo of a dog in a “lab” coat, saying “Heal!”. Please do so and please draw my name! My daughter and cousin will love the pattern and I can’t wait to knit it!

  219. I have 2 little dogs of my own. Count me in! Anything to help a furry friend out.

  220. Awww! Poor puppy. I hope Crush is better soon. I love the pattern. I plan to make it for a friend’s brown-eyed grandson. Cute little boys’ patterns are a rarity, speaking as a mom of two 6′ tall former little boys!

  221. Poor dog! I had one like this for some years ago, my mother has his sun. The have longer hair (or fur?). Hope your dog will be OK sun. I will by the pattern and hopefully knit the jacket! Love it!

  222. hope crush feels better soon.

  223. Just read about poor Crush :( Tiny little casts break my heart, and I can totally related to crazypant vet bills because of my late Boo’s heart problems.
    So I bought the pattern even though there’s no baby sight. Anyone need a handknit baby sweater? I’m dying to start it right away!

  224. My doggie has had TWO leg surgeries, so I know how expensive they can be! I hope Crush has a speedy recovery, and that her surgery doesn’t break the bank! Pattern has been bought and will be knit for a friend’s baby on the way!

  225. I’ll try making this a little bit larger for my buddy Becca who has her own Willie Dog named Jimmy. I’m sure Wilie is soaking in lots of healing knitter energy!

  226. What an adorable doggy! I hope you have a quick and complete recovery! (No more jumping out of the grocery cart!!!)

    I love love love this sweater pattern too! I have been eyeing it for my little boy! What a wonderful excuse to buy it. :-)

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