A Mighty Big Giveaway

Voting is now closed. Please keep checking the blog for the winner’s announcement!

I have been keeping a secret since May, which may be a new record for me. A very big secret. That I have  kept [almost]  completely to myself for four months now. And now that the day for revealing my big news has arrived, I find it difficult to begin.

I guess I should start by saying that the past three years have been a complete whirlwind for me. My flock, my farm, my CSA have been embraced by so many kind, thoughtful, wonderful people and, because of all that support, I have never been in the position of having to sell any of my animals for meat or send any of them to an uncertain (but really certain) fate at the auction. I will never be able to express what that means to me. Not if I live to be a million. Not ever.


Now that I find myself in the position of having more angora goats than I need to supply us with Mohair, I want to pass along the kindness you all have shown to me to another would-be shepherd. So, with the help of my good friend Lauria and the wonderful people at Sand Creek Post and Beam, we are giving away a small hand-spinner’s flock of our award-winning Angora goats and a custom-made Sand Creek run-in shed to house them in.


Obviously, this is going to be a bit more complicated than our regular giveaways.

Here’s how it works:
Anyone interested in entering this giveaway will need to send me an essay telling me why you’d like to have a small herd of Angora goats. Your essay can contain photos, video, whatever, but mostly I want to hear why you’d like to be a shepherd. Have you always wanted sheep or goats of your own? Do you yearn to set up your spinning wheel in the pasture amongst the goats? Tell me all about it.

All essays will be screened by me and Erin. If I think you have the acreage, dedication and heart to care for these animals, I will post your essay here on the blog. Then all of our readers will have the chance to vote of which essay they like best.  Once y’all have narrowed the field to the top three, the folks at Sand Creek and I will select a winner.


The fine print: You don’t need to be a shareholder to enter. You don’t necessarily need experience with fiber animals to enter- everyone has to start somewhere- but you do need to understand the work involved in raising livestock. Do a little research into Angora goats before entering. Once we have chosen a winner, he/she and I will work together to put together a small flock that makes sense for the winner’s level of expertise. Beginning farmers should probably start with five wethered males; a shepherd with a working knowledge of Angoras might rather have five bred nanny goats. We’ll figure out what works best together and won’t let you leave with more than I know you can handle. I will also be available by email and phone while you learn the ropes.

Sand Creek Post and Beam will be shipping the custom-made run-in directly to the winner. [It comes unassembled with great instructions! Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love this company? As a matter of fact I have.] The livestock will need to be picked up at our New York farm by the winner within a month of the giveaway’s end. (I can recommend a reputable livestock shipper if necessary, but the cost of shipping will be incurred by the winner.)

All essays must be received by Wednesday, September 16th. I reserve the right not to award the flock to anyone if I don’t think there is a suitable candidate. These animals are my responsibility, and I won’t let them leave my care if I am not completely confident that they will have a have happy, healthy life in their new home.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Help us spread the word about the giveaway and win a fabulous prize package.


  1. WOW! I wish wish wish I could handle something like this at this stage in the game! For the love and health of all goaties I will absolutely not be entering, but man, nothing cures a wounded spirit like being covered in goat poop and looking at those beautiful faces!

    Someone is going to be VERY lucky!

  2. A fantastically generous idea. Brava!

  3. Sandi O (chloecat262)

    September 2, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Love this so much!!!! Susie you have been amazing at bringing the art of sheparding to so many people. What a fabulous way to continue sharing. I wish I could enter but my little plot of land just wont cut it. So I will remain a virtual shepard and live my farm dreams through your blog.

  4. This is the best giveaway – someone will have a wonderful prize. I wish I could enter but my farming days will have to wait a few years. Bless you for being so generous!

  5. Chappy just popped up and said no, no, NO! Since his last visit he has decided he doesn’t like goats nearly as much as he used to. I told him they’re much friendlier when they’re not protecting babies, but still …

  6. O_o

    ZOMG. You, again, have blown me away!

  7. Amazing. Someone is going to be verrrrrrry lucky indeed. I did pass this along to a few other folks who might be interested. Someday, maybe, it might even be me. But for now, I just revel in being able to share your experiences (and of course, your fibre)

  8. Holy bananas, Susan! I’m gobsmacked! Even though working with you for only a day taught I do not want my own goats, I wish I could enter. This is the COOLEST giveaway I have EVER heard of.

  9. Lori aka knittingfool

    September 2, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    OMG, how I wish I was several years down the road. I loved working with the flock, even when they were laughing at the (un)electic fence and escaping. Someone is going to be so lucky. Actually, we’re all lucky that you are living and sharing your dream with us, Susan!

  10. I can’t enter but WOW … your generosity and dedication to your flock are beautiful. Thanks so much for being you!

  11. You are an extremely generous soul. And what dear little lambs! I wish I could take them, but I only have a small yard in NYC! Good luck with the contest~

  12. My mom would kill for this, she had goats on her farm as a kid (race horse farm) – but they can’t have livestock on her side of the street…seriously, the zoning goes down the street. *sigh*

  13. This is a truly inspiring and generous thing you are doing. Twenty years ago I would have killed for this opportunity. I will look forward to seeing who does get this gift and would encourage you/them to pay it forward, as you have, by having them keep all of us shepard wannabees in the loop with a blog all their own. Your adventures always provide a nice break in my day at the easel and I’m sooooo looking forward to receiving my yarn share… and the next one I signed up for…and hopefully many more shares to come. Very Very good job to all.

  14. Oh, how I wish I could enter, but I know that I am not physically capable of all that it would entail. However, I have passed on the blog post to my many fiber friends. Good luck to those who enter! I am glad that I don’t have to decide on a winner.

  15. unbelievably amazing!
    what a cooperative effort…
    too bad i only have a patio!

  16. Boy, do I wish I lived in the country, but we are small town folk, and only have a small yard, so I guess this would be out of reach for us. Best of luck to you and the winner of these darling little babes! jjZwang

  17. That second picture of the goat with his little tongue sticking out has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever, ever seen.

  18. What an awesome giveaway! I’m going to have to think about this one – how much acreage does a small flock need? I’ve always dreamed of putting some fiber producing animals up back.

  19. Lisa Stockebrand (aka. lasdcm)

    September 2, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    oh, oh, oh……do … not … have … enough … land …. sigh.

  20. somehow i think that the small patch of grass at the suburban library at which i work is not sufficient for a herd (albeit small) of angora goats.

    and somehow i think that entering my in-laws without telling them about it first might be a divorce-worthy action.

    but what a lovely and wonderful gesture. i wish i had the means the participate!

  21. This is not a giveaway. This is a gift and a blessing.

  22. This is so awesome! Someone’s heart will be beating wildly thinking of the prospect of winning such a wonderful gift – a dream coming true!!! Can’t wait to see it happen… You are a very generous lady!!!

  23. What a secret to be keeping!! I love that your excess critters will go to someone starting out. Looking forward to the essays.

  24. What a wonderful idea! Unlike most of your other comments, I do have the land. I have about 26 acres in pasture (and another 40 share-cropped in conventional wheatfields–I am considering converting to hayfields, though). And fences that can (sometimes) keep in goats. But the recession and health problems have hit us hard and I am worried that I won’t be able to afford the hay for the animals I already have, much less another five mouths to feed. Now if you wanted to trade for some natural black Corriedales for Erin’s handspinning flock……wow I could use another shelter too. But transportation from the other side of the country would break our already teetering bank. So I won’t be entering. But what I am really looking forward to will be the wonderful essays that you will be getting. I can’t wait to read them and to hear the voices of other soon to be shepherds, just as I recognized this yearning in myself many years ago. Makes me grateful and hopeful altogether. Susan, you may have the makings for another book.

  25. I have to say my mind is spinning (no pun intended). As a child, I grew up raising lambs and now with a small farm and children of my own, my husband and I have been waiting for the right time to add them to our family/farm and share these same joys with our children.

    My biggest concern is that I don’t have experience with goats and wonder how much they differ from lambs. And like Jan shared in the comments, I worry about finances since we would have to put up proper fencing…
    But wow, what an amazing opportunity. I’m thinking….I’m thinking…

    If we have more specific questions about the giveaway and details can we email?

  26. Susan

    September 2, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Molly! Definitely email me with questions about the giveaway. susie AT fiberfarm DOT com.

  27. I just stumbled across you site about a week ago and I am just enchanted. For many years I have been drawn to sheep and goats, for no particular reason and in all honesty thought of myself a bit ‘odd’ because of it. I was not raised on a farm or had any hands on experience with them. In finding your blog I am so very excited to see that I am not alone in my love of these creatures. What a treasure you are offering to someone!

  28. Wow Susie, what a wonderful thing to do.

  29. Wow..what a chance of a life time.
    Unfortunately I am smack dab in the middle of a city, not a good place for these guys.
    Good luck

  30. Oh my gosh…how I wish! I do hope that whoever wins, will allow us to follow along. I mean it’s like some of my children are going out in the big world. Reading the essays is going to be the most wonderful treat.

  31. How wonderful! You’re a generous and wonderful person. I wish I had more land and the financial ability to take this one. I have a postage stamp yard in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia. Not hardly appropriate. Good luck to all those who enter, and may the best essay win!

  32. WOW What a great way to give back and to share and to encourage. I hope this goes well and that it will spread until I am able to move up your way! It is our plan and DH will be tying flies. For now I can thank you again for the Rhinebeck class and dream of the future.

  33. this IS an absolutely amaaaaaazzzzzzing give away.
    i only wish i were able to handle a herd or have land to take on the responsibilities.
    i know it will be fun to read the essays and watch as the give-away unfolds
    good luck to everyone who is able to partake!
    lotsa love,

  34. Holy jeebus! This is an incredible gift you’re giving someone. I truly wish I had the acres to warrant sending in an essay.

  35. Oh I wish I was at a different place in my life right now. I think this is such an exciting thing,Wish I owned a house and land rather than a tiny condo.
    Congrats to whoever the winner is! And Susie, special thanks for educating us and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps. Tremendous!

  36. Oh my my my, how absolutely adorable. I know you will make the right choice for these sweet little kids. You are just the most generous person I have ever read about on the internet. Oh bye the way those two little sweeties next to each other in the straw are my background photo now. I get to look at them every day. How grand.

  37. squeeeee! they are SOOOOOO cute!!!! I have to love jenny’s comment…we have loaded our goats in for the county fair (starts bright and early at 7 am tomorrow for us) and i just got de-goat-pooped and sat down for some quiet time before 4h insanity. What a generous and tempting offer!!!! They are just absolutely adorable…. I better not let my daughter see their pictures!

  38. Oh my! I wish, wish, wish I could enter this! No land, but if I did! Lucky to the one that is chosen!

  39. That is so generous! I can’t believe what an amazing opportunity that is, and I can’t believe how lucky someone is going to be. I wish I was in a better position, talk about a dream come true!

  40. This is a great idea.

  41. What an opportunity for a lucky someone! I’m looking forward to reading the essays and hoping the winner can share a lot with us.
    P.S. Don’t let the crabby customers grind you down. Some people can’t be satisfied no matter what you do for them.

  42. Susan, this is such a wonderful thing that you are doing! You will be helping someone fulfill a dream in such a generous and thoughtful way. You are doing wonderful things to keep the spirit of community alive and well!!

  43. Such a wonderful idea! I wish I did not live in southern california, with no usuable land, I want goats SOOOOO BAD. Can’t wait to read the essays.

  44. You astound me. Really.

  45. What a beautiful, giving, and thoughtful idea. True kindness and generosity. I hope that we can all think to this example as we travel down our own paths.

  46. you are just killing me with those lamb pics this morning. I just want to quit my job and come get them. 😉

  47. I feel like I won just seeing the photos.

    You rock, Susan.

  48. Oh if only I lived across the waves! A little far to Devon, England but exactly what I have planned for my 5 year plan!!! What an amazing and generous givaway. Bless you and your beautiful goats.

  49. I would love to have the small flock of Angoras. At the present, we live on a 24.5 acre farm dedicated to mostly fiber animals. Most of our animals have come from rescue situations, like Phoebe, a jacob Sheep with horns going forward instead of backward, she was headed to the freezer when I heard about her. She has nice fleece, but mal-directional horns. Our latest addition was Gracie, a chicken that fell of a chicken truck, headed to market. We found her laying by the road with road burns on her fannie. We picked her up and brought her home, where we gave her a bath. She immediately took to Molly and Polly (2 Angora goats). Now, the three of them eat together, sleep together and love each other. So, I would love to add these beautiful creatures to our farm.

  50. This is amazing Susan! If I planted grass on my terrace, maybe I could raise the goats in my apartment. I’m wishing heartily for career change these days and this would be perfect. I hope the lucky someone out there does you proud!

  51. Bless you for your kind and loving guardianship of these precious animals. And blessings also to all the wonderful people who have supported you and thereby prevented you from having to ever sell them to a slaughterhouse. May the wind always be at your back!

  52. This is an amazing generous gift you will be doing for someone. I called my spinning teacher last night because she’s making efforts to get a herd of her own. I know whoever wins will be very grateful!

  53. That’s very kind of you. I think there’ll be so many essays to eliminate and so hard selection. I’m living in Ankara, Turkiye (motherland of Angora cats, goats and rabbits
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angora_rabbit ) and I’m familiar with these fluffy creatures. So good luck for all who will try!

  54. OMG!! They are beautiful!! My dream is to go back home( maine), so i can start my spinning business!! I would live in the shed with them, just to be able to home!! beautiful babies!!!

  55. Can you tell me if Angora goats would do well in the desert? I live in Arizona! Also how much space would they need and approx. what would it cost to have them shipped! I can,t even begin to tell you how much I would love to have goats. I just finished some mohair yarn and YES I do yearn to set up my wheel in the pasture amongst the goats!!!!!!! It honestly brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! Could you possibly e-mail me back? Thank you!

  56. I am a shepard want to be… I live on 8 and a half acres, in Wisconsin. I have chickens and turkeys geese and swans. Of course a dog and couple of cats. My husband is a dairy farmer. I have developed a love for goats and sheep over the years. I love the fibers from them to use for knitting and crocheting.
    they are such beautiful goats breed and is dream to have some along with some sheep.

  57. First off, let me say, my heart leaped when I read about the Angora contest! I am an aspiring Angora Goat shepherdess. I live on a 6 acre mini-farm called the “Sweet Kids Farm”, as all the animals are named after candies. I moved here a year a go and realized I had been given the opportunity to re-engage my love for animals which has been a constant nurturing and healing resource in my life. I spent the past several years very engaged in my career with the City of Sacramento, and have been feeling a serious lack of connection and purpose in my life. Therefore I moved back to a rural setting where things are alive. It has been here where my soul has been able to experience a renewed sense of beauty that inspires me.
    In April 2009, I purchased two angora goats, Scarlet and Bodhi. They are absolutely gentle creatures, Beautiful! I spent several months researching various goat breeds trying to decide which breed I would want to raise. Once I discovered the Angora breed, I read books that provided me with information on other people that have taken on this adventure, and have continued to explore on what it would mean me for me to raise the angoras in the area I live. Since I have had Scarlet and Bodhi I have learned a lot about them and continuously am learning more. Last week they had their first shearing experience. I found that there are a couple of spinning guilds in this area. I am now in the process of taking a spinning class and learning the ins and out of managing the mohair.
    It would be a dream in my life to be able to quit my job and make this hobby a life sustainable one. I haven’t quite figured that out how long it would take to do it or if it is possible but I am hoping that someday it will come true. I have been working diligently on creatively crafting some designs for a kids clothing line that would be a niche market to get into. I love the relationship that animals and people can have and the bond and affection that can be shared. Being a new grandma, as of two months a go, I am greatly interested in this new endeavor as I consider the experiences my granddaughter can potentially share on this farm and how these precious angoras can warm the hearts of others as well.
    My neighbors, landlords, have Nigerian Dwarf goats. We all delight in these animals. I would be so blessed if I was considered for an angora starter herd. I have researched purchasing starter herds, but one of the drawbacks I have, is I find myself wanting to go visit the farms to see how the animals are raised to ensure the health of the herd. Most farms are a significant distance from where I live and can be costly to travel to do so. I was fortunate to find the two babies I have. I know you have an excellent program, and was absolutely thrilled when I heard of the opportunity you offered and the possibility of being chosen.
    I would love it if you called to discuss the farm facility or any of the logistics of the responsibilities of raising of the goats, please feel free to contact me at 916 808-1172 or 916 698-7169. I would love to discuss all of the idiosyncrasies of goat life and mohair artistry with you!!!!
    Here are some photos on Sweet Kids Farm:

    This is Scarlet. She is so beautiful and sweet, the epitome of gentle!

    Here are my two teachers. They are educating me on Angora’ness.

    They follow me around the farm..so adorable!

    Newbie Nigerian with grandma! Precious pair.

    New momma enjoying a treat!

    Marshmallow and I enjoying her first days into the world.

  58. Oh, I guess the photos didn’t paste to the blog..is this the right place to submit the essay?

  59. Oh how I wish I could take on this task. We have the room (we live on an acre), but I work full time and am a single parent to a wonderful little girl (and two corgis to boot). How blessed with this person be to win this!

  60. What a wonderful giveaway! I certainly wish I was worthy of the goats. Before I became a spinner (4 years now) I wanted to own Angora goats. I just love the curls! I’m not set up for livestock so I’m not in the running but if we had the fencing I would be begging! LOL I have years of experience with horses and know the hard work they take. Good luck to all who apply and to you in finding a great home for them!

  61. Wowza! I am not interested in this giveaway, other than to stand amazed at your generosity. Good for you! Best of luck to whomever you choose…

  62. I’d absolutely LOVE goats. But we are currently in transit from Australia to NZ and have not even a home of our own at present. Good luck on the competition. I hope you find a perfect home :)

  63. Natalie Phillips

    September 7, 2009 at 7:51 am

    Hi! I think this is an amazing opportunity! I am interested but I admit I know nothing about goats, except they are great natural lawnmowers, and have neat personalities. How mush acreage per animal is optimal?

  64. Wow!! This my dream !! I would even fix one half of the barn to live with them my self, just to have my dream come would be heaven in it’s self!!

  65. amazing. this spirit of sharing and growing for everyone’s good is (one thing) love about the CSA movement. I wish I were in a position to enter! Best wishes to whoever IS! So exciting…

  66. Altho I have no room or access to room for a flock :(, I have to say those are the cutest lambs, they make you just want to run over and love on them. Good luck in finding wonderful homes where they will be loved, cared for and their beautiful fleeces put to good use.

  67. Oh. My. Goodness. I got goosebumps reading about this wonderful giveaway. I even told my husband about it. Unfortunately our land is 900 miles away from our current residence so I don’t really have what it takes to enter right now. I can’t wait to follow along and read the essays that you do publish though.

  68. Oh! I’m off to convince my neighbor to enter. I promise to babysit!

  69. What a wonderful thing you are doing. I am going to get to work on my essay today!

  70. I won’t be entering this giveaway, but I do want to say those goats are beautiful! Maybe someday I will have the room & resources to care for such lovely animals. Fantastic!

  71. Oh, if only you were closer. New york to Georgia is a LONG trip for livestock to travel.
    What a true blessing for someone. I have always wanted Angoras and none are to be found in my area!! Sad, as they are just beautiful creatures.

    What a wonderful thing to do for someone. You are a treasure in itself.

  72. We don’t fit your requirements. Yet. However, my husband and I are saving for an acreage. I had originally thought sheep, but my husband says goats. (He has experience with goats – I was an inner city welfare brat!) What I`d like to know is; can these adorable little creatures survive Manitoba (Canadian) winters, and are there any special requirements to maintaining a flock.

  73. Oh my gosh! If we didn’t live sooo far away I would love to give the goats a home with us at Birch Hill. They are beautiful, we have been looking at the possiblility of a goat or small burrow. My boys were swooning at your lovely photos.
    Have you heard of Bobs & Lolo? Awesome kiddo tunes. I am giving away a CD and DVD set that can easily ship in the mail…unlike goats unfortunately.

  74. boy do i wish i could have those lovelys but alas thats just not to be

  75. What a wonderful gesture! I am not in the market for any goats (I raise Shetland Sheep) but I think this is an awesome idea to help others get started (errr…eh hem..addicted) with fiber animals!

  76. This is an awesome & humbling opportunity. We love our small flock of goats, but are thinking about expanding into fiber and so have been researching angoras. Like all farmers, we have to look at ways to offset the costs of indulging our passion for animals & fiber has appeal to us as vegetarians. If I can muster some eloquence worthy of this incredible gesture, I’ll write something up & brave entering. Could you post info on deadlines or timeframes when you get a chance? Thanks in advance, L

  77. I posted your give away on my facebook wall. I wish I could enter the give away but I don’t have the land for them yet.

  78. I would so love to have these beautiful babies but I’m not in the right place right now. I’ll keep reading my goat books and dreaming but best of luck to everyone (especially the goats).

  79. oh my god those are some adorable goats. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such cute kids. kids? see…I’m not entering the giveaway, as much as I like freebies, animals, and mohair. Hope you find the right person to love those goats.

  80. Omigolly, omigolly! If only I had the space for those cuties right now!!!!

  81. hi, i was just looking around for some info about fiber farms and i found your site. well it must be my day cause i saw the giveaway and had to write. my husband and i bought an 80 acre farm in upstate new york last winter. i have been wanting goats for a long time. but was not sure if i wanted to make cheese or fiber. last week i pretty much decided it would be angora goats. we have chickens and ducks now and 2 gordon setters. i grew up in the country on a small farm with horses and random animals. i really am a chef and have owned a successful restaurant for several years in alaska. i decided that i was really missing what i considered to be my roots and talked my husband into coming back to the finger lakes area to buy a farm. we have 4 really nice barns. our land has a 40 acre hay field, we just finished cutting last week, its a nice timothy, clover, alfa mix. all put up and waiting for some animals to eat. i really do not know anything about raising goats. of course i have read several books. but no hands on experience. i love animals and i think they love me too. i also knit and have been anxious to learn spinning. i have done a little weaving too. this is an amazing opportunity you are giving someone. i think your fiber csa is a great idea. i wish everyone luck who enters and thanks again fort this wonderful contest. if you want photos of our farm ,i will happily provide. kate springer

  82. hi, i was just looking around for some info about fiber farms and i found your site. well it must be my day cause i saw the giveaway and had to write. my husband and i bought an 80 acre farm in upstate new york last winter. i have been wanting goats for a long time. but was not sure if i wanted to make cheese or fiber. last week i pretty much decided it would be angora goats. we have chickens and ducks now and 2 gordon setters. i grew up in the country on a small farm with horses and random animals. i really am a chef and have owned a successful restaurant for several years in alaska. i decided that i was really missing what i considered to be my roots and talked my husband into coming back to the finger lakes area to buy a farm. we have 4 really nice barns. our land has a 40 acre hay field, we just finished cutting last week, its a nice timothy, clover, alfa mix. all put up and waiting for some animals to eat. i really do not know anything about raising goats. of course i have read several books, but no hands on experience. i love animals and i think they love me too. i also knit and have been anxious to learn spinning. i have done a little weaving too. this is an amazing opportunity you are giving someone. i think your fiber csa is a great idea. i wish everyone luck who enters and thanks again for this wonderful contest. if you want photos of our farm,i will happily provide. kate springer

  83. This is not for the give-a-way but I just had to say”””
    SO CUTE!!!!! They are so precious!!!!!!!
    Thank You for sharing the pic’s.

  84. Ah, how I wish I could enter! We had a few goats on the farm when I was in my teens, and I loved milking them. Unfortunately, I’m not currently on enough land (although my neighbor/landlord’s wife wants to claim our property as part of hers so that she can have some sheep! LOL), so I can’t justify entering. I just wanted to say how kind and generous you are to be willing to start someone else off like this. *hug*

  85. I didn’t see my comment here but I emailed my essay to you using the contact us link. Is this how it should be submitted?

  86. I grew up on the Navajo Reservation and was a herder from birth. In a crawal board with mom on a horse.. My mother was a weaver until we took the tools away from her at the age of 89. She passed away a week before Thanksgiving at the age of 100. My daughter call an inform me of your giveaway and that I should apply. Gave it some serious thoughts, decided why not. I have fond memory of playing and watching baby kids playing in the corral or chasing them off our hogan. Our evening, after the livestock were put away, we would card the wool while she spun the wool. When the rugs was sold at the Trading Post, we would get paid with an item of clothes or a pair of boots. Still have sisters that still weave and in need a good Angora fiber, I can supply them with wool but not Angora hair. I do have a ranch with plenty of space, plenty of feed, just don’t have any goats.

  87. Oh, my! what an amazing offer! This would truly be a dream for me…but not ready at this point in my life.
    I can’t wait to see who the winner is!!! Fantastic!

  88. Wow… I just came upon this today. What a fantastic giveaway. I read about your farm in an older issue of…. was it “Hobby Farm”? Anyway, it was very inspiring. I have wanted to get angora goats (and a few dairy goats) for a long time now. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to enter a contest like this (had I been on time for it!) and I won’t be for at least another year. Very cool idea, though. I will look forward to finding out who gets the goats!

  89. What a wonderful idea… as some one who has barbados black belly sheep for pets let me extend my Kudos to you.. Who ever gets these goats is going to be so lucky.
    Sending warm thoughts all around.

  90. These are the most beautiful animals I have ever seen. They remind me of my grandaughters cockapoo dog, so cuddly. I’m hoping my friend wins these as she is so loving. My grandaughter had a goat that she bought and kept it in her bedroom until we finally said the goat needs to be outside. But with such precious babies, I can see why she wanted to coddle and cuddle the goat. What a wonderful thing to pay it forward. This is awesome. Good Luck

  91. I had to say something about this, you goats are so
    beautiful. I am too late to enter and I have no place for your beautiful goats, but I understand how you feel. I think it’s beautiful that you are making sure they are going to a good home. I
    gave my horse to the girl that cared for her, I couldn’t bear the idea of him going to a stranger
    so I gave him to her. It still breaks my heart and
    I miss him but I know he is safe and loved.
    I think it is a beautiful thing to do.

  92. I just saw your site and I guess I am too late to submit an essay. We have a small 11 Angora Goat herd in north western Vt. As you can see from my blog we take very good care of our goats and love them to death. Is it too late to get in the give away? Thank you. Tom of Vivian Acres

  93. That is so amazing! My husband managed a bison ranch in Montana for a while and when it sold he was so sad. I wish I would have known about this sooner. I would love to have some cute little angora goats. I go to a knitting group religiously every week and it is so much a part of my life that I told my husband there has to be good yarn shops wherever we move next. Maybe some day we can start up our own little angora family. We wanna have some bison again too. Ahhh…you got me dreamin’ 😀

  94. This just shows me that god still has a hand in our life. You all are wonderful people god bless you.

  95. evelyn friedman

    August 14, 2010 at 5:21 pm


    My brother and his wife live in Tisbury and I would like to buy two goats for his birthday. They are starting a farm and have ducks, chicks, peacocks(from my aunt) and one horse. I would love to buy a male and a female for them. Is is possible? You may know them. My sister-in-law has a small edible flower business called downislandfarm but if you know them don’t tell!!


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