I know it’s a little bit early in the week but since Erin and I are headed for the hinterlands tomorrow I thought I’d get ahead of the game. Happy PSYWL Day!

This is the coolest place to vacation or have a wedding.

I am dying to make these produce bags from this book

Rustic Fruit Desserts looks amazing! There are lots of recipes that you can assemble and then freeze- perfect for families that won’t eat a whole pie in one sitting.

I have no idea how I stumbled on Martin Meyer Imports but I could spend hours on this site. If you’re looking for a tiny camel for your diorama, this is the place. They have a whole section of fake mushrooms and moss!

Table salt cones. I am weirdly drawn to these…

Homemade Oreos. Why? Because you can.

Guinness Cupcakes. Too cool for school.

Ramen noodle knitting. Seriously.

That’s it for me? What awesome things have you run across this week? Link ’em up in the comments.