Mission Accomplished!

One of the major goals of my trip to Texas was to buy some new boots. I like a boot that I can work around the farm in or wear when I’m just out running errands. Just an every day boot, if you will.

Shopping for boots is a very personal thing. Personally, I like a toe that is pointy but not too pointy. I can’t stand round-toed boots on me, and I haven’t learned to love the new squared-toed boots that everybody’s wearing. Maybe they’ll grow one me.


The first thing you should know about buying boots is that you go down half a size from your normal shoes. Boots will wear to conform to the shape of your foot, but the toe box is what it is. If you’re toes aren’t comfy the first time you try the boots on they never will be. Since your feet swell throughout the day, it’s a good idea to shop for boots in the afternoon.



This is Chris Henson. If you’re looking for boots, Chris is your man. There’s nothing about cowboy boots that this man does not know. If you’re ever in Fort Worth near the Justin store downtown, stop by and talk boots with Chris.

Before I got here I had picked out a pair of Lucchese boots online, but I really wanted to try them on before I bought them because they were…um…expensive. My sister convinced me to go to Justin first and, boy, am I glad I did. ¬†After trying on umpteen jillion pairs of boots I found these beauties.



I love these boots mightily. The toe isn’t too pointy and the stitching is pretty but subtle. I also love the color of the leather and it will only improve with time. They were more than $200 less than the boots I wanted (only $89!) and I love them even more!¬†

These boots are Nocona, a brand owned by Justin. Justin also owns Tony Lama Boots. And who owns Justin? Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. Which is just too weird to think about.


  1. Georgeous boots. I remember my first cowboy boots – bought em in Albuquerque, NM about 27 years ago. I had them for a LONG time. Now I don’t have any. So Tragic. I want to come see Justin.

  2. Mary (Grandmatutu)

    May 24, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    How funny that Woolies mentioned her first boots, because that’s what I was thinking about when I hit the “comment” button. My first boots were bought in Spokane, WA–maybe 45 years ago now. I also had mine up until we moved to TX, when the movers lost a box–which contained my boots. They were FABULOUS s–t kickers and I’ve thought about them often–they were good friends. Susie, enjoy . . . they look like they’ll be good friends that will be around for a long time! :O)

  3. Love your new kicks!

  4. cool boots! i will share the process of boot buying with dh. not with myself? have you ever tried to get feet and splints into boots? forget it!

  5. Very nice! Glad you found some you liked. Hope you had a little time to relax while you were here. Have a good trip back and a wonderful summer! Think of your friends in Texas/Oklahoma this summer when it’s under 90 degrees in New York or on the Vineyard, because it will probably be 100 here.

  6. Oooohhh, them some sweet boots, honey. Bring them (and yourself) back home to me! XOXOX

  7. Awwwww. Nice, Patrick.

    I only own 2 pairs of ropers – not really proper cowboy boots, but, almost. I got a pair of brown ones for my birthday (in July) but couldn’t stand to wear them in the heat. I waited until the State Fair in September, and still got a blister on my calf from sweating in them. Note to self: wear tall socks in them until November.

    Then, the smallish fellow who helped us build our house gave me a pair of black ropers that he couldn’t wear because of his high arches. They fit me perfectly and were already broken in. Score.

    Love my ropers. They look good under straight-legged jeans. Right, rodeo girls?

  8. This is so funny. I just bought a pair of second hand Nocona today in Santa Fe that are so comfortable I could die…

  9. Realllllly nice Nocanas at a fantastic price ! They look ALOT like my first and only pair. Hmmm…. 4 kids later, my boots no longer fit! Wonder where they are. I may need a trip to Justin; my Birthday is the end of May! Thanks for the idea, Susie.

  10. very nice boots
    thanks for the history too
    wear them in good health always

  11. i love Patrick’s comment….my thought when i first saw the boots is “those look like they belong under someone’s bed”

  12. A new pair of boots is on my list in August. We’ll be driving to MO to drop the boy off at college and then swinging south to visit Mom in TX. She’s about 45 m from Ft. Worth so do tell where the shop is!

  13. Those are very fine boots and a bargain to boot! (Oy!!!)

  14. I love love love these! Can’t wait to see em in action on the farm.

  15. Nice boots! I have a black pair of Justin boots. My most recent pair, a gift, are Corral Boots. I love my boots! Many happy years to you and yours…

  16. P.S. Check out http://www.jenniferjune.com She has a pretty cool website with all kinds of info on western boots…

  17. Those are some great boots! You know, I had my first pair of boots when I was 3–took them off and lost them in a waterfall at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens (until my sister splashed through the water to retrieve them). Didn’t have another pair of boots until I was — ahem — over 40, when I was living in Boston. Cracked me up to buy a pair of Justins at a boot shop on Beacon Hill. But they’ve turned out to be the most comfortable thing ever.

  18. I am thrilled that you found a pair of Nocona Boots for your wardrobe. There is nothing better than a pair of Nocona boots and a pair of jeans at the point of contact. Nocona’s are the best. But I am biased.

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