Jacob’s Reward Meet-up

Today’s meet-up at my friend Cindy’s farm in Parker, Texas was so lovely. Cindy was a wonderful host and loads of fun people came with their knitting and spinning wheels.


Cindy had name tags and home made drop spindles for everyone.



I brought yarn and did a little dyeing demo.



Everyone was so sweet and I was especially excited to meet Susan (on the right) and Mary (not pictured, darn it!). I feel like I’ve known both of them forever!


Laurie and Joann (please forgive me if I’m not getting the spellings right!) were wonderful spinners and just as sweet as they could be. Laurie’s going to do some spinning for us for the shop.


Anna brought the yarn she dyed on Thursday at our Dyeing Workshop. Absolutely lovely.


Sierra had a great time gathering eggs from Cindy’s laying hens.


Cindy and the other spinners worked hard to teach me to use a drop spindle- they each deserve a medal for patience.



I kind of got the hang of it by the time I had to leave and Cindy sent me home with a spindle and a bag of roving to play with till I go home. I just might become a spinner yet.

Thanks to Suzy for taking all the pics while I visited and did my demo. Somehow neither of us manage to get a picture of our lovely hostess or her handsome husband. 

All told it was a storybook day. Thanks so much to Cindy and Family for having us! 



  1. Lori aka knittingfool

    May 23, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Looks like y’all had a great time!

  2. i am sorry i missed you but i am glad the weather held off for you. thank you and cindy for making sure there were words and pictures for me.

  3. Sure you did, Susie – I see myself in several of these pictures. Ted does a pretty good job of staying away from the camera – but he IS handsome.

    It was a fantastic day and I’m already working on the next one. Laurie and I are also working on getting the dyers garden started. Turns out I HAVE the book. We’re off!

    Thanks to everyone who brought the great food, and the congenial company. I had the time of my life!

  4. OMG…that’s it. I’m going on a diet. LOL or maybe I just needed a laxative. What a face I make when I’m really concentrating! I just had the BEST time. It was so fun meeting everyone. And…I felt like I’d already known Mary and you and Cindy and everyone..just hadn’t seen them for a while. A really great day!

  5. Oh, Susan, those pictures of you with the drop spindle? I LOVE the expression on your face!

    Of course, I taught myself in the privacy of my own home, so I didn’t have an audience–especially an audience with cameras! Though, Chappy WAS awfully interested every time the spindle would drop to the floor…

  6. Yep! We all had a great time, with great people and really good food!! Thanks to Susie for coming, and all who came along with her. I’ve never seen such a sweet sight, as a group of knitters on the lawn of Jacob’s Reward Farm, when I drove up Saturday! The day was over MUCH too quickly!! And I can’t wait to do some spinning for the shop. What a thrill! Pleased to meet y’all!

  7. My friend, Joanne, was there. She brought MiniD and Jojo (our alter egos). It looks like such fun! I miss her!

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