Thanks so much for all the  birthday wishes last week. I had an incredible birthday. Beyond incredible. It was flomberstonishing.  (It was so good I had to make up a new word to describe it, see.)

First of all I had a lovely surprise when several dear friends showed up with a cake, balloons, flowers and a gift from my ravelry group. It truly was a surprise; I had no make up on and my house was in a shambles. But it was so nice to see all the lovely people who had taken time out of their day and even took the day off to come make my day special. 

Even more surprising was the gift my friends brought me. Here’s the note that was in the card:


card-insertWhat does one say when gifted with 162 bales of hay? First of all, I couldn’t have been happier with 162 diamonds. This gift, which must have taken weeks to put together, was so beautiful that I am left utterly speechless. Thank you. THANK ALL OF YOU.  You are amazing! I am the luckiest person I know to have such thoughtful friends.