Arno’s Big Adventure: A short film

Arno’s Big Adventure from Linda Campbell on Vimeo.

Linda wants everyone to know that Arno was not injured in the making of this video.


  1. I was wondering if he’d go off the back … but, ouch!

  2. His muddy knees are adorable! His recovery shake off after his tumble is pretty funny too.

  3. Just to cute…….”King of the Mountain” and a little bit of snowboarding thrown in to boot! We almost kidnapped our son & daughter in law’s newest Alpine doe Ruby yesterday she was only 4 days old / born 2 weeks early, just a wee kid but strong and robust…..but we were falling in love with her and it was coming close to stuffing her in our pocket and high tailing out of there.

  4. Awww Arno, he reminds me of my son, such a little rough and tumble boy already!

  5. Awww! I think I’m falling in love with the little kid! So cute!

  6. What a little stinker! He’s so ambitious and stubborn too! That’s okay it means he’ll be a big strong daddy one day and be able to protect his ladies! Till then he’s just one very cute little devil. Don’t you know that’s why they have horns? :)

  7. I can’t help but leave another comment. I love how he chopped on the chicken coup. Then how he kept staring the lady down, asking her “Whatcha Gunna Do?”. He’s so adorable even after the second crate was pulled away he is still quite proud of his one high spot and is gunna let everyone know it too! By far my favorite so far. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. he’s a total cutie pie

  9. I think Erin needs to wear some leiderhosen and attach some marionette strings to the little guy. Erin – do you know how to yodel?
    He is growing like a weed!

  10. After he falls and shakes himself off he does the typical cat reaction. The “it wasn’t me… I didn’t do it” look. Too funny.

  11. he’s ready for agility trials

  12. He’s HUGE!

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