Another Cowtown Giveaway!

Due to some not-so-fast internet access at my Mama’s house, I am gonna have to hold off on posting the winners of the Pendery’s Chili Blends until tomorrow morning. In the meantime I’m gonna share my Fort Worth “must-sees” with you.


If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Fort Worth schedule for late January/ early February. Not only will you be blessed with temperatures that don’t top 85 degrees (usually) but you’ll be just in time for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I cannot over-estimate the importance of the Stock Show to Fort Worth. When I was a kid we all got a day off school and a free ticket to the show. If you’re thinking of going check out my January blog post for more details.


I love that our police officers wear cowboy hats as part of their official uniform. I took this picture back in January. How can you tell? Anybody? Cause they are wearing felt hats and felt hats are only for winter. Straw hats are worn in spring and summer. Now y’all won’t embarrass yourself by wearing the wrong season’s hat!


The best Mexican restaurant- hell, maybe the best restaurant period- in the great state of Texas is Joe T. Garcia’s.  If you haven’t eaten at Joe T.’s you haven’t been to Fort Worth. I make it a point to get in at least two meals, preferably three, on every visit. If you never believe another word I say, believe this- Joe T.’s refried beans are worth a trip to Fort Worth from anywhere.


Kinkaid’s makes the best hamburger I’ve ever had. The fries are mediocre but the burgers are so big you don’t need ’em anyway. Kinkaid’s also sells groceries and has stand-up counters for when they are busy at lunch time. We go to the original location off Camp Bowie Blvd- there’s another one over near the mall, but it’s not as good.



Fort Worth is home to several world-class museums, like the Kimball– home of the U.S.A.’s only Michelangelo. But my absolute, hands-down, don’t miss favorite is the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame’s permanent collection contains costumes, boots and gear of some of the finest cowgirls to every ride a horse. And their traveling exhibits are always beautifully curated and though provoking. My heart swells to near bursting when I go through the front doors. 


Since I can’t give all y’all a personal tour of Cowtown I picked up a little something at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame gift shop for you. Three lucky cowgirls are going to win this super-cool cowgirl mug with a quote from Cowgirl Connie Reeves.



(I was sorely tempted by a t-shirt that read- “I’d rather be dumped by a horse than a man” and a magnet inscribed “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”) 

All you have to to to win is leave a comment on this blog post telling me…anything you want. I’ve got to wrap this up and get to the airport and I can’t think of a thing to ask you.  One entry per person please! All entries in by 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 27th, 2009.

Good luck!


  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs from Texas. Gave me a lot of information I never knew before. My only visit to that area was to change planes on a flight home. Now I think I’ll take a day to stop over and see some of the things you’ve told us about.

  2. Okay, here’s something completely random.
    When I was little girl, I idolized Hayley Mills. I’d always ask my mom if I could go out and play in this long alley between our apt building and another next door. I’d go out early enough to be the first one in the alley.
    I’d act out the “Let’s Get Together” singing number from “The Parent Trap” doing both parts. I must have sounded so funny with my Brooklyn accent, doing a British accent.
    I was very shy and didn’t want anyone to see me, and I never thought that all the people in the apartments facing the alley probably saw my “act” all of the time.
    I remember it as if it was yesterday.

  3. Connie Connor

    May 25, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    I enjoyed everything about your trip, but your mama’s Victory Garden inspired me. The backyard especially gave me some good ideas.

  4. Ft. Worth. Nom. Nom. Nom.

  5. I want to come to Texas and be a cowgirl now! Ignore the fact that I tend to hurt myself anytime I’m on a horse. I love the quote on that mug!

  6. When my husband returns tomorow night, I’ll have to ask him about Joe T’s. We’ve always gone to the downtown ‘steer walk’ or whatever it is called, and generally ended up eating there. I’d bet that the Mexican food is way better there than here in California! And, by the way, I always believed in saddling my own horses, then no one to blame but yourself = course that was over 20 years ago! Have a great flight home. I’m sure all the kids miss you!

  7. I must admit that Texas is the only of the 48 contiguous states that I haven’t been to. I am planning on going this fall though.

  8. Yeee Hawww I love reading your blog no matter where you write it from! Safe journey home…

  9. Lisa Stockebrand (aka. lasdcm)

    May 25, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    I am giong to use your boot photo as my desktop wallpaper – (made the Belle photo I had been using as wallpaper into a mother’s day card)

  10. I hope you had a great vacation and got your batteries recharged. Thanks for the giveaways. jsample on Ravelry

  11. I’d love to give this to my sister.

  12. Travel safe!

  13. Wow, your posts really make me want to visit Texas/Fort Worth! My husband would looooove those hats. And I love that mug! :)

  14.….*drool* We have it weekly. The original is the best and the staff is great. The staff at the Hulen location is pretty awesome too. You definitely don’t need the fries. I have to stop myself from getting 2 burgers…lol

    You guys have to visit Fort Worth if you haven’t. The stockyard are fun and the food is so great. Fajitas anyone? Margarita?? :)

  15. Ft Worth is one of my fave cities and I’ve been to the stock show a couple times. Also been to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, but they didn’t have that mug when I was there! I rodeoed when I was younger, barrels, goat tying, and miss the country life a LOT. I’d purely *love* a mug.

  16. Love the mug! You’re always so generous and have wonderful giveaways.
    Right now, I want a double drive jumbo flyer unit for my Ashford Travelling wheel.
    Safe and happy trails back home!

  17. I was lucky enough to live in the DFW area for almost 30 years. I agree 100% on Joe T’s………and love love love the Kincaid’s hamburgers.

  18. My random thought is……we just got two pigs on Saturday! I’ve always wanted to raise pigs :-) Mmmmm bacon…
    Have a safe trip home.. Jen

  19. i’m easy. i love your taste. i’ll take anything you send me!

    my fav city in texas is san antonio. earl ables was great to go for breakfast or brunch…they had a sign that said, eat at earl ables, diet at home.

    i’ve been sharing people’s postings by listing but also trying to emphasize them in my blog since i came out of hybernation. you are there under knitting and photography storytellers.

    i’ve taken my followers (just added a follower button to see if i have any) to germany and scotland, guess it’s time to take them to fort worth.

    i hope you don’t mind, i may have to goose them by bringing over the first bit of this entry to get them started.

  20. Ohhhh I’m gonna go see if you can order from their website. I know (and you know) someone who could really use that magnet. When I was much younger and had a horse and lived in the country, the NFR was held in OKC. We always sat and looked at people’s boots as they walked by and decided if they were for real or just pretend cowboys/girls. You could usually guess pretty well even if they were wearing dress boots. I’d like to explore the Ft.Worth/Dallas area but I’d have to make Suzy take me. That traffic ..omg I’d be sitting on the side of the road waiting for helicopter rescue :-)

  21. Here’s a little something – I grew up outside Houston, and the only thing I miss is the Tex-Mex. What I wouldn’t give for a Ninfa’s in Boston!

  22. I was born and raised in Midland. Proud native Texan. Proud great-granddaughter of Zac Miller who is in the CowBOY Hall-of-Fame in OK.

    I live in Chicago now. You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.

  23. I had a hard time gettin’ past the first picture. Yee haw! You don’t need to enter me in the giveway, thanks. I’m just sayin’……is it hot in here?

  24. I really hope you brought me my own mug, but in case you didn’t, I’m entering this giveaway. And in order to enter I’m going to tell you…that I haven’t eaten anything FOR 2 DAYS because I’ve had some awful, exruciatingly painful stomach thing, but I finally feel better and I’m so so so soooo hungry. I’m having dinner with Pat’s parents but if you want to stop for, I dunno, pie and milkshakes on the way home from the airport, I will totally be up for that.

  25. Lessee, In keeping with the cowgirl references, I used to be a member of the ERCA (European Rodeo Cowboy Association) believe it or not, when we were stationed in Germany lo those many years ago. I used to ride barrels and rescue race at each show that I wasn’t judging (yes I was also a rodeo judge, all events including all rough stock). I worked the de-rigging chute as the captain and towards the end I learned a little roping and did team roping with my ex. Was quite a time.

    That and I’m headed to San Antonio on the 28th to spend some time with my sweetheart and also go with my grandson to Sea World to celebrate his 7th birthday. So we will sort of be passing… grin.

  26. So how many times did you get to Sonic? (As I’m drinking a Route 44 Mango Diet Limeade)

  27. I love that mug. I’m a displaced cowgirl that lives in Ohio, LOL! Thanks for the chance!

  28. We’re going to Las Vegas in November for the bull riding finals,maybe next year it will be Fort Worth for the stock show and rodeo.

  29. Thanks for the Cowtown tour!

  30. When I moved in 2005, I feverishly purged many things I didn’t thing belonged in the next chapter of my life. One of those things was my pair of well-loved and well-worn cowboy boots (circa 1979). I’ve missed them a couple of times in the intervening years and now I think I may need to allow a new pair of boots into my life. Thanks for the great pics and post!

  31. My younger sister was born in Texas, & maybe that’s why my older sister was horse crazy growing up. We lived just outside the air force base in Austin??? I think. Love watching the lightening storms ….and the Blue Angels

  32. I so enjoyed seeing you Saturday. It was so fun!! I think I am going to be a more active lambcam participant now!

  33. Okay – another random anecdote…my daughter taught me to knit. She learned as a high school senior and then went away to college. When she came home on vacation, she said all her girlfriends in college were knitting. With the patience of a saint, she taught me to knit beginning with a lace scarf. Now, 4 years later, we knit together through most vacations and are hoping to attend sock summit together. It has been an awesome mother/daughter bonding experience, but started by her!

  34. Mary (Grandmatutu)

    May 25, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Texas is way, way too hot in summer. But even as much as I hate the hot weather, I LOVE Texas. Everything is bigger, and better, in Texas. It’s the truth.

  35. Shoshana Erlich

    May 25, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    I think that all of those messages are completely awesome. Having been dumped by a horse, it hurts, but heartbreak, is totally much much worse. Both at the same time would really really suck.

    Thanks for the tour of texas, it was awesome 😀

  36. My mom’s from Louisiana, been down there twice myself. Next time I’ll have to put a toe over the state line into Texas and check it out.

  37. Love the cup! Love the sentiment on the magnet too. Next stop is the Cowgirl Hall of Fame website! Glad you could get home for awhile. We all need to get back to our roots (and boots!) occasionally.

  38. You have made me so so so hungry for good mexican food……..sigh…………..but it’s Memorial Day weekend, and tradition says hamburgers at my house…..and all the trimmings……….have a safe trip home, girl!

  39. Checking in to tell you…I collect coffee mugs (I actually use them for tea) so it would be super cool to have one from Texas :)

  40. Safe trip home….Glad you got to get away for a bit and see, taste and feel “home”!

  41. I have a friend, who if I won this, I’d immediately give it to. She would *love* this.

  42. i am glad to read that you are having a nice trip. you deserve it!

  43. Your post made me want to visit Ft. Worth. :) And after many years of horseback riding lessons as a pre-teen and teenager, I can tell you without reservation that I would MUCH rather be dumped by a horse than a man. Sadly I haven’t been able to lasso either in quite a while.

  44. Thanks for sharing your Texas trip. I have to tell you that I was lucky enough to be taught horseback riding by the legendary Connie Reeves when I was a girl at Camp Waldemar. She was an incredible woman, and I feel so privledged to have known her.

  45. I agree with Joe T’s being a great place to eat with margaritas by the pitcher. But, I think your brownies were better than any dessert I’ve had there.

  46. susan i think u’r terrific for thinkin of us while u’r away and Getting stuff to give away: YEeeeeHA!

    One day maybe I can have some land to farm and have some farm animals too. I’d sure like that.

    I’d also much rather be dumped by a horse than a man. (funny t’shirt…lol)

    ok that should enter ME!

  47. I think this mug NEEDS to go to Lori aka Knittingfool…to keep her strong during these tough times!

  48. Miss Suzie, a little Texan lingo and cadence is slipping into your blog. Sounds like it is time for you to go back east and return to Shepherd Suzie. (Don’t take offense. My husband is from Texas. I just noticed that you pick up your accent when you “go home” just like my husband does. I get a kick out of it.)

  49. I read everything you post and am a crazy nut for your pictures! Wondering if you will be on the vineyard in july and if I can talk my husband into cartin’ me out there from Westport, MA. On a clear day we can see Gay Head! Got engaged @ the Edgartown Lighthouse!

  50. I would love to go to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame someday!!! I’ve been riding since I was a little, little girl and I can think of nothing more empowering than riding a horse. It taught me so much growing up, from how to care for a living thing to leadership and teamwork. Cowgirls rock!

  51. Now I’m for sure gittin’ boots, and saddlin’ ma own horse! Then I’m goin’ to Joe T’s para comer frijoles! Yeehaw to ya, Susie! You’re a real Texas lovin’ Boot Buyin’ New England Goat Roper Cowgirl. Thanks for the photos….

  52. Sorry, but that Cowgirl Hall of Fame just sounds freaking COOL. And I am so not a cowgirl. When you started talkign about it, all I could think of was Cowgirl Barbie, and if there is one.

  53. What a great mug!
    Blargh… we all have days like that! I’m so tired that I can’t think of anything to tell you. How about: I’m playing Beethoven’s 9th symphony this week…

  54. Love the saying on the mug! I’m taking riding lessons with my daughter (I will admit that she loves it a bit more than I do) but I love the fact that they have us get the horses ready for the lesson. The grooming and getting the horse ready has really helped me become more comfortable around horses. And I’ve realized that they all have their own personalities.

  55. Elizabeth Turney

    May 26, 2009 at 9:36 am

    I am pregnant…and besides being bummed that I can’t saddle up and ride horses with my cousin I read that post of yours about the best mexican restaurant and have just called to inform the hubby that he will be taking me out for mexican tonight! He doesn’t really like mexican food, so I will tell him he has your blog to thank hehehe!!!

  56. My mug should just say “saddle your horse”. I used to jump competitively, but now my horse and I are retired. A friend visited recently who had never seen me jump and wanted a demonstration. Our farm is on the side of a mountain with not much flat ground, but there is an old logging road that goes down the to creek from the house and I’d put a small jump on it for fun (my fun, not the horse’s– to her retirement meant NO JUMPING AT ALL). So I put on a bridle, but lazily skipped the saddle, and rode her down to the creek, then turned and galloped toward the house and the jump. We breezed up the trail and over the jump with no problem, but the road ended at the small log fence that encircled our front yard. We usually break right at the fence, but a limb had fallen off a large tree on the right during a recent thunderstorm, so I decided to break left. I neck-reined and shifted my weight to the left and the horse started to turn left when something in her pea-sized brain said “that’s not the way we do it”, suddenly turned right, and off I sailed into the fence. In my younger days, I would have popped up, gotten back on, and made sure we did it right. But when my husband ran over and reached out a hand to help me up, I said “No thanks. I’m just going to lay here a while.”

  57. I never knew that cowboy hats had seasons. Do they follow the before Memorial Day/after Labor Day rule? Or do they just follow the weather?

  58. i started riding horses when i was just about 7. my folks would take a group of us each summer, several times between july & august. what fun! i couldnt wait each year until i could get to the ranch and see the horses. sadly, all those ranches seem to be gone now. where do kids go now to learn how all about horses and how to ride?

  59. Laura Bertolozzi-Douglas

    May 26, 2009 at 11:09 am

    I’ve always tried to saddle my own horse (and unsaddle it). Yesterday, however, my “horse” was our mini-RV which I successfully maneuvered all the way to Herkimer NY and back for a “diamond” hunt. These herkimer diamonds are actually doubly terminated quartz crystals which are perfectly faceted in nature–great fun. The secret to finding them is to let the sledgehammer swinging crowd do all the work. All you have to do is scratch through the fine sand/soil on the ground and the perfect little gems appear–most likely what fell from previous hammering episodes.

    Anyway, enjoying the lambcam and hungry for lunch after that mouthwatering description of Texas eats!

    Safe travels. . .
    your neighbor,

  60. My roommate my freshman year of college was from Ft. Worth and never once mentioned the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. How could she not have told me?

  61. Great post. Makes me wanna go to Fort Worth. Been to Dallas but not Fort Worth. Won’t let that happen again.

  62. I have a mosquito bit on my foot. It made my foot swollen because I’m allergic. It hurts when I walk. I might take a benedryl to make the swelling go down…

  63. Hmmm, I can say anything I want? Let’s see, something random… did you know that on land beavers can run up to 8mph? We were discussing beavers at lunch today… yeah, we talk about strange things at lunch, lol.

  64. You’re a great ambassador for Ft. Forth!
    Since I won’t be vacationing this year, thanks for the little escape and sharing your home town.

  65. OOPS!
    I meant Ft. Worth!

  66. Ooooooh! That would help me feel inspired at the beginning of a work day! :)

  67. Oh wow! Real cowboy country!
    I don’t think anyone in the UK wears a cowboy hat!

  68. I have to say that you’ve done a really good job at capturing Texas’ spirit. I live smack dab between Houston and Galveston and I the spirit is close to the same all the way around. (Unless you get waaaaayyyy out there to the point where you’re literally off the maps, but they’re still sweet long as you greet them in daylight)
    I feel like a lot of people miss the the charm that’s down here, because up north it is a completely different ballgame. Either way thanks for showing a sweeter side :)

  69. A horse is something every young girl should have in her backyard. Not only do you get great experience by shoveling all that sh*t, you also learn how to push around something bigger than you are.

    Leaving New York City for Hong Kong tomorrow at 2 p.m….

    Susan in HK

  70. I’m super-allergic to horses. Someone recently told me that’s a strange allergy to have, but it never struck me that way–I guess because I had cousins who had horses. Generally, though, the rest of the world doesn’t come into contact with horses all that frequently, I reckon. The other reason I never found it odd is that I’ve been allergic to any- and everything furry since I was a young thing–not so much now, but still with the horses.

  71. Thank you for the virtual vacation — there must be a little cowgirl in all of us, right?

  72. If I win one of the mugs, I will give it to my daughter who life is horses and riding. In fact, that is her major at William Wood U. in Mo.!

  73. Again, not posting to actually enter, since I live about 10 miles away from all that fun. It’s cool to see where native Fort Worthians (Worthites? neither sound right) like to go when they come back for a visit! You left just in time. It’s pouring here. Not that I’m complaining.

  74. Margie E. from NYC

    May 26, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    “true ‘dat…true ‘dat!”

  75. As a Fort Worth native myself, I really enjoyed your pictures from home! I used to go the Stock Show (back when they called it the Fat Stock Show) every year when I was a kid, except for in first grade when I had the mumps (and a Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographer took a picture of my best friend and put that picture on the front of the newspaper. I was convinced that would’ve been me on the front page if I hadn’t been sick!) Glad you had such a great time!!

  76. Cowgirls!! My only baby picture was taken when I was 3 years old, standing in an orchard, in my Cowgirl boots, and wearing my gun belt. I remember that my parents would not let me take my guns along so in the picture I am blowing the smoke off my finger and pointing the other one ready to fire. My favorite show – The Pick Temple Show. Does anyone else know him? I wanted to be on his show so I could ride the pony and shoot the bullfrog off the well. Didn’t make the show but I got to meet him in person at a Carnival. I may be from the East Coast but I am and always will be a Cowgirl in my heart.

  77. Lori aka knittingfool

    May 26, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Dang, I need one of those t-shirts…love ya, Susan!

  78. As one from Oklahoma most recently before my Okinawa sojourn, I gotta say you really need to check out Sorrell custom boots….High cotton, them boots is…

  79. I read your blog and learning so mcuh from you and your farm. Thank you so much.

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