Due to some not-so-fast internet access at my Mama’s house, I am gonna have to hold off on posting the winners of the Pendery’s Chili Blends until tomorrow morning. In the meantime I’m gonna share my Fort Worth “must-sees” with you.


If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Fort Worth schedule for late January/ early February. Not only will you be blessed with temperatures that don’t top 85 degrees (usually) but you’ll be just in time for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I cannot over-estimate the importance of the Stock Show to Fort Worth. When I was a kid we all got a day off school and a free ticket to the show. If you’re thinking of going check out my January blog post for more details.


I love that our police officers wear cowboy hats as part of their official uniform. I took this picture back in January. How can you tell? Anybody? Cause they are wearing felt hats and felt hats are only for winter. Straw hats are worn in spring and summer. Now y’all won’t embarrass yourself by wearing the wrong season’s hat!


The best Mexican restaurant- hell, maybe the best restaurant period- in the great state of Texas is Joe T. Garcia’s.  If you haven’t eaten at Joe T.’s you haven’t been to Fort Worth. I make it a point to get in at least two meals, preferably three, on every visit. If you never believe another word I say, believe this- Joe T.’s refried beans are worth a trip to Fort Worth from anywhere.


Kinkaid’s makes the best hamburger I’ve ever had. The fries are mediocre but the burgers are so big you don’t need ’em anyway. Kinkaid’s also sells groceries and has stand-up counters for when they are busy at lunch time. We go to the original location off Camp Bowie Blvd- there’s another one over near the mall, but it’s not as good.



Fort Worth is home to several world-class museums, like the Kimball– home of the U.S.A.’s only Michelangelo. But my absolute, hands-down, don’t miss favorite is the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame’s permanent collection contains costumes, boots and gear of some of the finest cowgirls to every ride a horse. And their traveling exhibits are always beautifully curated and though provoking. My heart swells to near bursting when I go through the front doors. 


Since I can’t give all y’all a personal tour of Cowtown I picked up a little something at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame gift shop for you. Three lucky cowgirls are going to win this super-cool cowgirl mug with a quote from Cowgirl Connie Reeves.



(I was sorely tempted by a t-shirt that read- “I’d rather be dumped by a horse than a man” and a magnet inscribed “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”) 

All you have to to to win is leave a comment on this blog post telling me…anything you want. I’ve got to wrap this up and get to the airport and I can’t think of a thing to ask you.  One entry per person please! All entries in by 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 27th, 2009.

Good luck!