Several of you asked if the omission of Linda yesterday meant something bad had happened to her. I am please to report that Linda is alive and well, but very tired of carrying those babies around with her!  You can clearly sense this in this picture I took this afternoon. (I tried to get Erin to hold up a copy of today’s paper so ya’ll would know Linda’s really alive, but she just laughed at me.)




Beatrice is another nanny that is easy to identify by her horns because one of them is much smaller than the other. Beatrice is a lovely goat and a great mama. Last year she gave us twins Chipotle and Ancho (born on Cinco de Mayo) and she still mothers them whenever she sees them.dsc_0140

This is one of my favorite pics from last year’s kidding season: Beatrice licking her brand-new boys.


This is Mrs. Doubtfire, a.k.a #25. (For those of you who are new to the blog, last year’s shareholders names the 10 new nannies we we bought after famous nannies from television, movies and literature.) She is a sweetheart of a goat but her most distinguishing characteristic is that she loves peanut butter! Last year when Cini had Lyme disease, we gave him his twice daily medicine disguised in peanut butter. Mrs. Doubtfire would chase Cini around and LICK HIS MOUTH after he ate it. (Cini is a 110 pound dog!) Last year, she gave us one buck kid, but she certainly looks like she has twins in there this time around.


Mary Poppins (14) was last year’s first nanny to kid. She gave us a big healthy girl named Thyme. Mary Poppins is a little on the small-framed  side so I don’t expect more than a single out of her, although you never know.



This Maria Von Trapp (15). She is another small-framed nanny and she had a big boy last year. I feel like Maria is the goat I know the least- she kind of keeps to herself, is never a problem and has never been sick. In the business, nannies like this are referred to as your “moneymakers.” 


Fran, named after t.v.’s The Nanny, is super recognizable nanny because her horns both curl to one side of her head. Here’s a better picture.


We actually have to keep a close eye on her horns because the lower one grows directly into her head. Jeff, our sheared, trims the end of the horn off every year. Unchecked, the horn would keep growing right into her skull. Last year Fran had one doe kid, Chive, and she was very good mama.


Alice (#11, named after the Brady Bunch’s house keeper) is another smallish goat, at least when she’s not pregnant. Last year she had a single, a buck kid named Tarragon, but twins wouldn’t surprise me this year.


Nana (9) gave us twin doelings last year, whoch is pretty much like winning the lottery. She was a great mama to Sassafrass and Saffron, the only two kids we’ve ever had who insisted on nursing from the same side of their mama.



Nanny Jo (#6) was so huge last year that I was dead sure that there were twins- if not triplets- in there, but Jo surprised us all with on nice sized doe kid named Juniper. She’s huge again this year but she’s not fooling me this time!


Last year Anna gave birth to my favorite kid- the irrepressible Basil. Basil was the funniest little bucking, whether he was chasing the  chickens around to head butt them or giving the other kids group hugs (picture below.)


Anna was the nanny that was attacked by our late rooster, Dan Rather. (No, we didn’t kill him; he and another rooster killed each other.)


And, just for reference- and because I love this picture- here’s what Dan Rather looked like:


He was a beautiful rooster but mean as a snake. 


And last but not least, Sicily is one of our Cormo ewes. The other ewes are bred to start lambing in about a month, but Sicily could go any day now. She has given us two ram lambs in the previous two years, so I’d really love to get a little girl out of her. I know she looks kind of beleaguered in this picture and that’s because she is. The nanny goats run her crazy!

And that, my friends, is a complete guide to the ladies of the lambcam. A couple of you have asked for a glossary of sheep and goat terms- great idea!. I’ll put one together tonight.